Patriots of the C.S.A., Inc. a much needed organization!

The 150th Anniversary of States Rights, Secession, the C.S.A. is proving it takes more then blood ancestry to vindicate the Cause!
by Mark Vogl
Monday, August 20, 2012

There is a clear and present danger to the memory, and more importantly the vindication of the Confederate States of America and the Cause that led to secession. This Sesquicentennial has proven that even the organizations charged with the vindication of the great tragedy of the destruction of the first Constitution simply are not up to the task. They are not built for the political work which must be done. And they do not embrace the spirit of defiance so necessary to the pursuit of vindicating the Cause.

Whether you are in Virginia, where the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Museum of the Confederacy are in the shadows, in cahoots with the occupiers to slowly surrendering their place in Richmond, or in Texas where a simple application for Vanity License Plates was slammed down by Governor Rick Perry without a peep from the Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans. Those with blood to the past just are not up to the task of meeting the charge given them by great, great grandpappy’s.

In Columbus, Georgia, in a place once known as the Museum of Confederate Navy, the museum now promotes Yankee history, not telling the story of valor, success, daring and innovation of the C.S.S. Alabama, Hunley, Florida, Arkansas and almost 500 other ships. In Virginia, at the home of Stonewall Jackson I actually heard with my own ears, an employee of the home spreading Yankee propaganda.

There needs to be a new organization. This new organization should not be based on blood, and ancestry. And, it need not be all male, or female. It does however need to be Christian, and it needs to be committed to vindicate the Cause, where the Cause is defined by the Confederate Constitution, minus those aspects which defend slavery. The South had and has much to offer in terms of ideas and concepts for governing America. The supreme sovereignty of the individual state, the meaning of republic, the original meanings to the words of the Constitution all are applicable to today’s world.

This new organization, Patriots of the Confederacy, Inc. should not be a not – for – profit and should not be intimidated or controlled by the government. Membership should be based on the spirit of the prospective member. The prospective member should be Christian or Jewish and practicing their faith. The prospective member should be required to take a written examination to demonstrate knowledge of what they will be committing too. This knowledge should be focused on the C.S. Constitution, the writings of Jefferson Davis and the lives of R. E. Lee, Stonewall and others. And it should include questions about the Charge. Further, the prospective member should demonstrate an understanding that this is not about history, it’s about America today, and how we can improve the condition of a nation by reintroducing the ideas which were at the heart of this nation when it was conceived.

The lineage of the person should be of no consequence. It should not matter how heroic the ancestor was, the time for heroism is now and so membership must be about the character and dedication of the prospective member.

The prospective member should commit in advance to what they will do to promote the Cause. Will they raise money? Will they act politically, building coalitions to restore Southern Pride and nationalism? Will they vote based on the South, not on their own selfish motives? Will they attend monthly meetings? Will they skip uniforms, balls, parades and work on the issues today which can change America for the better and rebuild the South?

And this new organization should commit that it will abide by the Bill of Rights within its own organization. The organization should require public votes on all actions, no anonymity for the elected officers. Everyone accountable. Each and every citizen of this organization should be encouraged to use the internet to attend and participate in all meetings. There should be recognition of the political equality of all members based on the Christian belief that God is within all of us. The spirit and effectiveness of the Patriots should be measured by the cumulative quality of the membership, and the cumulative willingness to do what is needed in terms of political action to resuscitate the spirit of the Confederacy!

Visit the Confederate War College at and if you are interested make contact so that should sufficient interest be demonstrated this new organization can be created.

©2012 Mark Vogl

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