Cultural Marxism and Christianity

August 29, 2012   

By Al Benson Jr.

A few years ago on my website I did an article about a college professor in Delaware who made the absurd claim that only white people have the ability to be racists and no one else has that ability.

My first thought at that time was “how can people pay good money to these schools and send their kids there to be taught such drivel?” Such drivel is cultural Marxism and it seems even to have insinuated itself into the church in general, whether due to lack of spiritual discernment or what I don’t know, but it is now there. Examples abound.

Awhile back a Reformed denomination had its yearly meeting at which someone introduced a resolution that the denomination should issue and apology for the “sin” of slavery. It was discussed and some spoke against it, but it was almost a foregone conclusion that it would be passed. So now the denomination is on record as having “apologized” for the “sin” of slavery and so all the do-gooders could go home and pat themselves on the back that they had really done something worthwhile. Some might call that cheap repentance. It was somewhat like the situation that author Fred Reed noted a few years ago when a black man wanted him to pay reparations for slavery. Mr. Reed beautifully summed up his argument in this way: “You want me to pay you for something I’ve never done and you’ve never experienced.” That’s about the way the reparations scam works—certain blacks, not all, want to be paid for the “sin” of slavery which ended in this country over 150 years ago now and they would love whites today, who have never been slave owners, to pay them big bucks when they’ve never been slaves. This is one aspect of cultural Marxism today and, sad to say, lots of Christians fall for it. And even if Christians are gullible enough to buy into this it is still a scam.

We can’t even adequately apologize for our own sins. That’s why we all needed Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us to cleanse us of our sins. So how in Heaven’s name are we going to apologize” for the sins of people who lived 150 years ago? We aren’t, really. But so many white Christians have bought into this cultural Marxist guilt trip that they now feel they have to do “something” to atone for the “sins” of their great grandfathers when they can’t even atone for their own.

I’ve been watching this con game go on for over four decades now, all the way back to the late 1960s when James Foreman basically conned the Episcopal Church out of around $200,000 with his “Black Manifesto.” Of course some of the leadership in the Episcopal Church at that time was more than willing to be conned, but not all. However, those that spoke against it were like Ron Paul supporters at the Republican National Convention—they had to be silenced and suppressed at all costs. And they were. Although we didn’t call it cultural Marxism at that time, that’s what it was. Class warfare—take from the “haves” and pass it out to the “have nots.” Redistribution of the wealth ecclesiastically. What it amounted to was well-heeled whites on “stools of everlasting repentance” forking over lots of money to radical black activists so they could practice class warfare with it. I have often wondered what would have happened had the leadership in the Episcopal Church at that point had the courage to tell Mr. Foreman to take his Black Manifesto and go light his cigar with it. We might have less class warfare in the church today.

Admittedly, the Episcopal Church was and is a liberal denomination, but, as noted previously, the Reformed denomination that ended up voting to apologize for slavery was not.

It appears that even truly conservative Christian groups seem ready to bend over backwards to ditch their heritage the minute someone complains about something. I heard of a case recently where one black family complained about the name of the denomination they had joined because it reminded them of the “old South” and that made them uncomfortable I guess and so they sought a name change so they would be less uncomfortable. So for the sake of this one family, the name of the denomination was changed. What about the feelings of all those that had no problem with the name as it had been previously? It seems their feelings don’t matter—only the feelings of this one family matter.

What it all amounts to is that white Christians are learning the lesson that their feelings do not count in churches as well as most other places. If some minority person complains about something that has satisfied most Christians for decades it will be changed to suit them and the dickens with those who would rather leave it as it is. One question here—some of these black folks knew the name of the denomination when they joined up. If the name bothered them then why did they join in the first place?

It seems to me that the way many churches keep on backing up when challenged that the day may come for some of them when they will end up apologizing for the Gospel because it might “offend” some Marxist somewhere. And in some evangelical bodies the last thing we want to do is to offend an anti-Christ Marxist. It’s okay to throw diatribes at those miserable people over on the political right but we must never say a negative word about those dear souls on the far left—lovable creatures that they are!

Until more churches start waking up and realizing how the cultural Marxist con game is being played on them and once they find out, exposing it, we will continue to have problems.

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