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USA Economics is not controlled or influenced by our duly elected government representatives, but by global corporations and the banking interest now appropriately called "banksters." Both Republicans and Democrats are chosen and/or controlled by these international/global puppeteers. This is called "fascism."

The amazing and most obvious concept of American politics is that Southerners and our heritage organizations CONTINUE doing the same things (meaning to be good "Americans" ready to compromise and constantly be nice pusillanimous Southern gentlemen and ladies) every year while expecting different results, meaning to be responsible and vote for the lesser of two evils. It is like our learning curve ends at a brick wall, meaning that we are not learning anything at all. Our lapel pins should read "I Support the Status Quo: Ain’t I Proud!."

To vote for either of these shill schemes is to support a political ponzi system of tyranny totally antithetical to western Christian beliefs and practices that are more radical and dictatorial than those of Hitler, Mao, Castro or Stalin. Americans who vote for and support these political parties (selfish "schemers" should not be called "parties") are heavily indoctrinated and the weaker-minded are brain-washed into believing that their vote actually counts and that voting means they are in some distorted manner a free people. This is both silly, subserviant (like as in the Stockholm Syndrome) and dangerous. They are no more than the same proud nationalistic community-minded people that Hitler and Stalin so easily controlled. Remember that these two European men appealed to the apostate Christians of a dying western Christian civilization. The death of the European Empires in World Wars I and II, was the tragedy that set the stage for the end of Christian rule and "civilization" as it had existed since the time of Christ.

Social issues are about elections and voter manipulation at a sub-level of government that focuses on an entirely bogus goal of "social justice." This is meant to rally slow thinking people to "Get Out the Vote." Social justice as termed and framed by the Marxists of modernity is completely antithetical to freedom, liberty and independence. Social justice is always a political euphemism for the lack of true justice and moral law.

The politicians of the Republican Party are not interested in morals and Christian family life, but in a reasonable scheme to gain votes and political control to support the money-barons who sponsor them to get elected. Their financial worth also always increases while they are doing their "public service." In his day, Abraham Lincoln was a master at this kind of corruption. He would drool at the level of their political corruption.

The politicians of the Democrat Party promote anti-Christian social values totally devoid of classical God-defined absolute Christian morals in order to gain voters and political control to support the money barons who sponsor them to get elected. Their financial worth also always increases while they are doing their "public service." In his day, Abraham Lincoln was a master at this kind of corruption. He would drool at the level of the political corruption in the USA today.

Those who will vote in this 2012 election for either of the two main political parties will sanctify the reputations of the political sluggards and sleaze who are elected to rape us of our labour and just earnings and deny the physical inheritance we have worked for to benefit the generations of our families who will come after us.

The death grip of Republican fascists could be broken by their losing this election and a real political alternative could be born and gain support. One of the Big-Two political parties will have to die since they are both versions of the same tyranny. The death grip of modern egalitarians (Marxist to those who do not know history) has been established by not having a political opposition who was truly ready to call their form of government by its rightful statist name, "communism."

So, reconstructed Southerner’s will proudly wear their "I VOTED" or their "NOBAMA" lapel stickers and actually think they have done something to restrain the tyranny that rules over them and will continue to rule over our coming generations. They will proudly proclaim, "I helped to put Obama out of office." This is, of course, very consoling to those of us who always play the game of American statists.

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