Missouri students punished for wearing Confederate shirts

September 9, 2012
By Michael

School officials enforce anti-Southern policy

More Southern students have been victimised by politically-correct elements in the US educational system. In this case, a student named Austin Baughman from Branson, Missouri was sent home for wearing a shirt which honored his recently killed brother (whose favourite symbol was the Confederate flag). Other students decided to also wear Confederate shirts in support of Austin and they too were singled out for punishment by the anti-Southern administrators of their school. KSPR 33 reports on the story:

“I’m not going to stop teaching the kids about their heritage and that’s what the school to me is trying to do. They are trying to take that away from them. And I don’t feel that it’s right,” said Baughman.

Friday, a group of Branson girls wore confederate flag themed shirts. They were told to turn their shirts inside out or go home.

“I really like these shirts because it’s got the cross and the flag and it says ‘Southern Christians’ which is what we are,” said student Allysa Crum. “It’s embarrassing and it’s wrong. They singled out me and my friends over our southern pride.”

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Notice also how throughout this article the word Confederate, which is a proper noun, is not capitalised. It is quite common now in the US mainstream media to not capitalise the word Confederate – apparently, as yet another way to insult Southerners.

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