Skynyrd will still use Confederate flag, Gary Rossington says

Friday, September 21, 2012
Greg Richter
The Birmingham News

Lynyrd Skynyrd set off a firestorm among their own fans when they said in a CNN interview that they no longer used the Confederate Battle Flag because of its association with racism.

Gary Rossington, the only original member still in the band, now says on the band’s website that the rebel flag will still be used in concerts.


"Myself, the past members and the present members (that are from the South), are all extremely proud of our heritage and being from the South. We know what the Dixie flag represents and its heritage; the Civil War was fought over States rights," Rossington wrote.

The Confederate flag is still used on stage at every concert, Rossington said, as are the American flag and the State of Alabama flag  "I only stated my opinion that the confederate flag, at times, was unfairly being used as a symbol by various hate groups, which is something that we don’t support the flag being used for."

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