Lessons learned by the South applicable to today

Go on a treasure hunt. The answers are in the history books, alas the politically correct have hidden them away, you will have to find them
by Mark Vogl
Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One hundred and fifty years ago America divided over it’s future. The Sesquicentennial Anniversary of that event is almost half completed. (This year will commemorate the great battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg) The war was long, tragic and bloody, but the Cause was worth it.

Talk to the unreconstructed in the South and ask them; Why did your great great grand pappy go off to war? Why did your great great great grandmother send her sons off to war? The answer will surprise you! But you probably won’t believe it, so to find out the reason and have some confidence in its accuracy you may have to do some work. (Not a good word in these days of "fast food" information.) The answer for why millions of Southern men and women, white and black, Mexican and Cajun and Native American went to war with the United States government is there to find, if you take the time to read their words in letters and diaries.

For the neo – conservatives and the liberals the answer lies in the intellectual "black hole" of slavery. It is here they will point you, here they will tell you was the motive for Southern secession. If they can distract you long enough with slavery, you won’t look for or find the real truths for secession.

But was the war really about slavery? Who threatened slavery? Who called for its repeal? What would it have taken to legally end slavery? These questions will lead you out of the "black hole" and back to the original question; Why did Americans chose to leave the Union?

Look around. The answers are here to see today. Do you see America honoring "the Creator" who has given all inalienable rights? Do you see the Christian God who brought Columbus to America and was at the founding and settlement of each of the colonies? Do we read the Bible in public school? Do you know the purpose for building the first public school? The first public school in the nation was built to teach reading for the express purpose of reading the Bible! The first colleges were created around the Christian faith.

Keep looking. Do you see the rights of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" given by God, protected by the legacy of our Founders? What would say to the Founders about the 50 million abortions that took the lives of the unborn innocent? How would you explain to George Washington, or Thomas Jefferson or Patrick Henry how the Supreme Court made a decision on Roe v. Wade which created a new right, not mentioned in the Constitution, in order to take the right to life from the unborn?

Why did the men of the South go to war? Read their own words and discover they went to war to defend home and family. They did not go to war to conquer the north. That was something never contemplated either by the military leaders of the South, or their political leaders. They went to war to preserve the original Constitution, as it was written. The decision to leave the Union was about the viabiity of the original Constitution.

It is clear today that the Constitution is threatened. Not by one man in the White House, but by a cabal of men who profess a "New World Order." This new world order is not about a world of two hundred separate and sovereign nations moving forward in time. It is about a one world government imposed on us. In a sixty page document, titled "Bush’s New World Order: the meaning behind the words," the whole scheme is revealed. Written at the United States Air Command and Staff College one officer, Major Bart Kessler, describes in great detail how this group of people, many Americans in both parties, working together through the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission and Rockefeller Foundation are working to surrender U. S. sovereignty to the United Nations. The paper, written in 1997, explains who’s involved, and what the motives are.

Agenda 21, a framework to proceed towards world government, works in conjunction with the Bush New World Order. This is an official document which you can read.

The most disturbing thing about Bush’s New World Order is that Major Kessler reports that it has become part of the national interest of the United States to destroy itself in favor of this new vision. The document provides context for many of the policies of President Obama! Taken all together, the complete lack of discussion of this ongoing process in the election, and the complete failure of the Republican Party to challenge it seem to make clear that if the American people want to stop this process a new American political party must be created. This new party must have as its founding principle the concept of American nationalism.

Not since the dramatic changes within the United States leading up to 1860, has the Constitution and our nationhood been in such jeopardy. In that era, the people who saw the great threat to the Constitution opted for secession. Will the people of this time take any action to protect our legacy, or will we go quietly into the night to be absorbed into the Tower of Babel?

President Obama has said more than once that the Constitution is an obstacle to his purpose. Many of us presumed he was talking about changes within the United States. But the last four years have proven that Obama’s redistribution of wealth was not about America, but about redistributing American wealth, your wealth, to the world! Our unemployment, our failed economy is not about America, but about the world.

One last point before I close; there is no place for Christianity in the new world order. This is certainly not about spreading Christianity but about ending it. The American Constitution was founded on the Christian Bible. George Washington himself said you cannot govern a democracy without the Bible. This new world order threatens not just your citizenship, but your faith.

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For those in the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution, where are you on these important issues? Why have you given up on America? To the veterans who wore the uniform, where are you? Has your veterans organization addressed these issues? And for those of you in the greater Christian Church, have you asked your Congressman about this? Are you willing to surrender your nation, and your right to practice your faith?

©2012 Mark Vogl

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