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Reports are surfacing that repairs are to be made on the only Memorial for Confederates who were murdered at Camp Douglas in Chicago. Repairs are long overdue–should have been made years back. Why have they not been made? Taxpayers (including Southerners) keep the Yankee monuments and gravestones at Vicksburg US Military Park in tip top condition. Who takes care of the Confederate’s only monument in Chicago?

Although every original blade of grass is protected atAndersonville by the U.S. government, it has made sure every splinter of the horrific Camp Douglas US prison Confederates has been eliminated—that every bit of evidence of the prison’s existence has been removed. Totally erased, even in the pages of American history, is the truth that a prison existed in Chicago, which made incarceration a confinement in Hell for every one of its Confederate prisoners.

Andersonville Prison, which housed Union soldiers, was a bit of Disney World compared to Camp Douglas. Confederates were deliberately, routinely murdered and starved at Douglas—on the direct orders of the United States Congress and with malice for all and absolute approval of Abraham Lincoln and his Marxist-filled, Marxist-created Republican Party. The Confederate government, on the other hand, moved Heaven and Earth in an attempt to get the U.S. to send doctors, medicine, food to the U.S. prisoners at Andersonville.

Why are there no road signs to point the way to the Chicago monument and that Chicago Hell Hole Prison where defenseless Southerners were tortured and murdered? Signs marking the way to the prison’s site have not existed in a century or more. Even native Chicago citizens are unaware thatthere was once in their city a revoltingly evil US prison wherein many thousands of helpless Confederates were tortured and murdered. The historians and the US government have lied to us about US perfidy for years. The presence of street signs alone might make Chicago folks learn the truth of the US cruelty toward helpless fellow Americans– a truth all Americans should learn.

Will somebody with human kindness please move or blow up the UGLY ROCK that is now located in front of the one Confederate monument in the Chicago Prison’s swamp? The Ugly Rock is filled with words viciously insulting our Confederate dead. That rock of enormous ugliness was placed in front of the Confederate Memorial. My cousin’s body disappeared from Camp Douglas. In fact, his name was omitted from all the prison rosters and is not on the memorial. He was in that prison. He died there. He was tortured before dying. This we know. His parents’ suffering was increased by the 2nd Manassas kill of his brother.

The oh so moral folks of Chicago, seeking thrills, paid money to climb high into watch towers andobserve much of the torturing done at Douglas.. They watched as Southern boys were stripped and forced to sit, with naked bottoms unmoving on ice—beaten mercilessly if they wriggled! They watched as Southern boys (some as young as 14) were forced to "ride the mule" high in the air and experience while “riding” tortures inflicted on their sexual organs. Death for some resulted from their ride.

Well-fed Illinois citizens watched as guards shot sickConfederates. They watched as, before their eyes, husky Southern males turned into starved, emaciated collections of bones. They watched as their own mayor, while in a fit of human decency, was arrested because he tried to slip some food to a few of the emaciated boys who were being deliberately starved to death on government order.

One year into the war, the folks in Mr. Lincoln’s “Camp Douglas” state passed a state law prohibiting arrival there of any mulatto or black person. Black Confederates imprisoned at Douglas feared to be released. So much for the Yankee-Marxist lie that the war was begun to free slaves! So much for the inferior scholars called professors who continue to propagandize that lie.

The monument in the swamp in Chicago is Chicago’s single Confederate monument. It lists only a few of the Confederates who were murdered at Camp Douglas. The history of the birthday of the monument is clouded with Yankee speeches falsely claiming northerners responsible for it and attributing everything wonderful to martyred Abe Lincoln.

The Yankees have long pretended that Camp Douglas never existed. However, one honest northerner, Dr. George Levy, a professor of legal studies at Roosevelt University, became interested in Camp Douglas while he was a student at theUniversity of Chicago —across the street from the site, which had been cleared of all evidence of the Camp’s existence. Read honest Levy’s truly honest report on his discoveries about the United States Hell Hole. His book To Die in Chicago: Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas 1862-65 should make even the most brainwashed in the U.S. cease yapping about Andersonville being so terrible. It should cause them to halt prattling their programmed inanities about the nobility of the Republican invaders. The tortures at Camp Douglas not only had the approval of Mr. Lincoln and his U.S. Congress, but were congressionally mandated by the United States Senate. (Check the record.)

Andersonville’s problems occurreddespite President Davis’ many efforts to get Lincoln to either exchange prisoners or send in his doctors, medicine and even food for the prisoners. Camp Douglas’s horrors were UNION created, performed under the watchful eyes of Lincoln and his Republican Congress.

After heinous tortures the Confederate dead in Chicago were frequently dumped into a hole in the swamp; their bones often arising in later built, adjacent parking lots. The Union torturers at Douglas ceased keeping rosters and all recordswhen the deaths/murders of Southerners became enormous and US officially published numbers conflicted with those of the Chicago newspaper. Oddly, the first of the deaths was that of a tiny, 14 year old black Confederate youngster who was shot by his “great emancipators.”

Some of the Camp Douglas dead Confederates may still lie in Chicago’s now filled in swamp, but the whereabouts of many thousands is unknown. (Pigs ran free in the streets in New York in that time, did they do the same in Chicago?)

Read Steve Scroggins bitter denunciation of the Ugly Rock in the cemetery in Chicago and his recommendation for what should be done about it.

View the Ugly Rock in front of the Confederate Memorial Stone.

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