SPLC Attacks Dangerous Extremists

by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, the thought-control outfit by which millionaire Morris Dees terrifies old ladies into sending him their Social Security checks, is an important arm of the regime. Its targets often include quite despicable people, but just as often seem to include normal Americans whose views happen to fall outside the three-by-five card of acceptable opinion as defined by the New York Times. By conflating the two groups, the SPLC seeks to destroy the reputations of dissidents. And no matter how violent the federal government should become, it is always safe from SPLC criticism, which is directed at critics of the police state and the empire, never the perpetrators themselves.

This time the target is anarcho-capitalists, who are evidently on the verge of taking over this here country, and who hold the dangerous view that no one should initiate violence against anyone else. Note that the Southern Poverty Law Center said nothing when a Florida legislator endorsed the execution of dissidents. Even if that had been a joke – which, given the context, it obviously wasn’t – the SPLC is not known for its patient indulgence of violent humor. Evidently when violence is directed at a party the SPLC doesn’t like, it’s not really violence.

Anarcho-capitalists wield zero power over anyone. According to the bipartisan foreign policy consensus, on the other hand, it’s not even newsworthy when the federal government engages in murderous drone strikes. For the SPLC, that kind of “extremism” isn’t even worth mentioning. And see Lew Rockwell on this.

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