Eeeeevil SCV honors eeeeevil sheriff for doing his job

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Hello and Happy New Year!

I came across this typically-biased and bigoted article about the "racist" Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio accepting an award from the AZ. Division SCV, who are labeled as "Neo-Confederates". Usual bigoted crap, but I thought you might be amused to note it quotes your favorite anti-Southern moron, Sebesta:

"Edward H. Sebesta, who researches the neo-Confederate movement and has edited several books on the subject, passed along the newsletters to Salon. “The SCV has an interesting history of white supremacy which continues to this day,” he said, noting that magazines published by the group have advocated against immigration and Muslims, and argued that blacks have lower IQs. Sebesta is now working to establish an Anti-Neo-Confederate Institute."

Of course, the $PLC propaganda about the SCV is treated as holy writ.


Thanks for the email.

This nearly killed me:

"Sebesta is now working to establish an Anti-Neo-Confederate Institute."

I can see him now, heroically surfing the ‘net as he labors to stop the SCV’s reign of terror. I’m still laughing. Sebesta nurses an obsessive malelovence against the South, its culture, and its heroes. "Researcher"? He’s nothing but a hate-filled tattle-tale.

posted by Old Rebel @ Wednesday, January 02, 2013

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