50 reasons State compliance with Federal System is Intolerable

Posted on December 29, 2012
by carknow32

Danger Big Government

In response to the topic of secession, some State governors are claiming that the benefits of “Union” outweigh the benefits of secession. Really? Does the attachment to a Federal Government who enslaves our people really outweigh the benefit of self-determination?

50 Reasons for Freedom from the U.S. Federal System

  •     Patriot Act (Surveillance of our communications and homes)
  •     CCTV surveillance of highways and streets
  •     Transportation Security Administration (Nude body scans and pat-downs in airports – including children, elderly, and handicapped)
  •     NDAA (Indefinite Detention of American Citizens)
  •     Suspension of Habeas Corpus
  •     Drone usage on American soil (citizens targeted for surveillance and assassination)
  •     Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 (outlaws protests whenever government officials are nearby)
  •     United Nations Agenda 21
  •     Displacement and slaughter of native Americans
  •     Federal support of Eminent Domain
  •     Federal intervention in State election redistricting
  •     Property Confiscation if mandatory property taxes aren’t paid
  •     Property Inheritance heavily taxed
  •     Federal Banking Act (Government controlled banking)
  •     Department of Education (Government control of education)
  •     Department of Agriculture (Government control of agriculture)
  •     Department of labor and Federal Control of wages
  •     Constitutional rights may be revoked at any time
  •     Federal Gov. responsible for over 600,000 American’s killed during Un-Civil War
  •     Federal Government’s  involvement in toppling numerous Governments world-wide
  •     Internal Revenue Service
  •     Standing army in time of peace
  •     Military “drills” being conducted in American cities
  •     Federal Gun control
  •     Federal Governmental welfare encouraging nanny state
  •     Federal Government’s Socialist Security encourages reliance on State over Family
  •     Federal Government take-over of private business (GM)
  •     Federal Government mandates legality of Abortion
  •     Federal mandating of tax-payer funding of abortion
  •     Federal mandating of tax-payer funding for contraceptives
  •     Federal attack on Traditional Family unit
  •     Federal attack on hospitals or adoption agencies operated by Christian charity.
  •     Federal Government’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  •     Federal Debt is $16,290,138,817,630  (The estimated population of the United States is 313,907,760 so each citizen’s share of this debt is $51,894.67.)
  •     Growth of Executive Branch to encompass approx. 62 agencies and administrations (employing around 4 million people including armed forces)
  •     Around 550 Federal Agencies in existence
  •     Growth of Congress to encompass approx. 60 agencies and committees.
  •     Federal Supreme Court subverting natural rights and Christian law
  •     Constitutional checks and balances no longer functions
  •     Political Party and big business control of Elections
  •     Federal Government’s costly war on Terror
  •     Federal Government’s costly war on drugs
  •     Federal Government’s costly war on organic food
  •     Federal funding for studies on cow burps
  •     Federal Governmental monitoring of male populace through Selective Service
  •     Increasing Federal intrusion into Health care
  •     Fourteenth Amendment impedes State Sovereignty
  •     Federal amnesty for illegal immigrants
  •     Billions given to foreign governments
  •     Federal Government’s sell-out of the American People through allowing Chinese to hold Federal debt.

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