Once again we are e-mailing everyone on the Alumni list to ask for each
and every persons support in the Allen Central Flag issue. Even after the
students voted to keep the flag and we have repeatedly proven the large
support by the local people of the ACHS flag, there are still those
hell-bent on ripping it from the schools flagpole. There are those that
have now resorted to agitating certain elements within the local population
in order to make everyone in this area appear as racists. All of this just
to take away a flag. These same people are chanting how they brought a
Justice Department representative into the area. This is an attempt at
scare tactics! Do not be concerned. Anyone can make that happen if you
create a big enough lie! They are no more powerful than any of us. Please
do not let this veiled attempt at intimidation get to you.

What we are witnessing is nothing less than "pity for politics" play
the other side. They obviously target one of the largest populations of
African Americans in Floyd County in an attempt to get them to tell how
they have been discriminated against over the years. Now for the first time
in my 40 years on this earth, I am hearing how the African American
population in Wheelwright has been discriminated against! I seriously hope
they can see this for what it is. It appears they are being used as pawns.
I would be furious over this action if I were them. Obviously the other
side needs them to further their political agenda of taking this flag!!
This is an outrage and I seriously hope the people in this area are smarter
than either of those two think. If they were so concerned about
discrimination in Wheelwright, then why haven’t they been there before now?
This is so obvious that anyone with half a brain can see through this and
it is a damn insult to my intelligence and
it should be to yours too.

In an opinion article ran in the Floyd County Times by John Rosenburg.
In that article the following was said, "As loyal African Americans related
how they had experienced discriminatory actions during their lifetimes here
in Floyd County, I wish the members of our Board of Education, the Allen
Central Site Based Council, and students could have been there to listen".
This article was referring to a meeting held in Wheelwright (can only
speculate why they held it there) on Thursday at the Light House Temple

except the meeting was kept secret and no one knew it had taken place until
this article was published six full days later!!

Why was this meeting kept secret and not publicized in advance for
others to attend? Why the cloak and dagger act? What is so secretive that
you have to hide and conduct meetings in out of the way places? This is
nothing less than very suspicious activity! Keep it in the open!! Do not
hide in the shadows and plot! Now we are left to wonder and guess as to
what secret plans are being hatched against ACHS and the people of this

This e-mail is a call to action by each and every single person that can
attend the Monday night School Board Meeting or show some type of support
in helping keep this flag! We need your support now more than ever!! It
will be too late when people start complaining AFTER the flag is gone! If
you do not act to save it, then you should not expect anyone to listen to
you complain if it is taken! Up to now we have had a total of three or four
alumni (not including us) that has actually shown any concern what-so-ever!
People we need your help. We need it now. We have heard how some think we
are acting childish in our attempt to save the ACHS flag. We would like to
submit a few simple questions to those people: Have you ever stood up for
anything in your life? Is it childish to let someone walk all over you?
When someone comes for something you cherish, do you expect anyone to come
to your defense? Those are some very important questions to consider. When
anyone can come into
our area and gather more support than people that have lived here all
their lives, then it is indeed a sad day. If you have ever wondered why our
local government seems to ignore us sometimes, then here is your answer: No
one ever stands up for anything and they know it!

As for this small group of resistance, we ARE NOT going away! We ARE NOT
going to be worn down over time! We ARE NOT going to stop even if they take
the flag. If they take this one flag, we will replace it with a thousand
flags all over the county! We will continue to hold the line on this issue
and when we get old we will pass it on to our children. This is the measure
of our resolve. We will not stand down! We will not give up! We shall not
be swayed! Period!

We are humbly asking each and every person that can be at the board
meeting to please show up and be heard! Just a few hours of your time to
help save this flag. The other side is gathering local forces and now we
must act accordingly. We must meet this with every single person we have
available. This resistance must be done peacefully and without screaming
hateful remarks if we are confronted.