Confederate flag sparks conversation at CCU

by Brianna Smith
Posted: 01.23.2013

Coastal Carolina University held an ethics discussion Wednesday evening on the Confederate flag and its place in modern society. The event was open to the public.

Around 70 people of different ages and races attended to discuss their views of the flag.

This was all sparked by a student asking a question.

"I’ve been struggling with this issue, and I just needed help, and I asked him could he put on this event," said student Joseph Fleming.

Organizer Dr. Preston McKever-Floyd said the meeting was to have an educated discussion so others could understand the meanings of the flag to different people.

"You have the history of the flag itself, the history of that flag is associated with, and you have the ways that flag has been used," said McKever-Floyd.

For some the flag is symbol of ancestors who fought in the Civil War or history of our state and country. Others feel the flag stands for slavery and a time in history that is painful.

Both sides explained their opinions and the other side listened as they did, and Dr. McKever-Floyd says that’s the most he could hope for.

"It may not change your actions, but you cannot walk away without hearing what was said," said McKever-Floyd.

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