Another Round of Confederate Controversy Brewing in Selma

By George McDonald

Another battle may be brewing over a Confederate memorial site in a cemetery in Selma.

The Selma City Council is a step closer to turning over control of Confederate Circle in Old Live Oak Cemetery to a confederate heritage group. The council voted to deed the land to the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

"They waited until Ms. Crenshaw and another councilman took children to the inauguration knowing that they would not be present at that meeting, to get that vote through, local activist Faya Rose Toure.

"We voted to do it but you have to do it by an ordinance so the city attorney will be drawing up the ordinance and putting on first reading then to be voted on by the council at a later date," said Councilman Cecil Williamson.

It’ll take a majority vote of the entire council for the ordinance to pass.

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