Confederacy is integral to southern, Black history

April 11, 2007
William P. Jolly Jr.


As I read the April 3 Times, I encountered numerous earth-shattering articles
ranging in topic from parking violations, DWI arrests, organ donors and educational
excellence. Timely and important? Yes, but so is the time, temperature and the
local weather forecast.

Has every topic that could generate controversy, heated debate or serious intellectual
exercise gone by the way of Ann Coulter?

The Times published articles and information virtually every day during Black
History Month, as well you should have.

So where is the coverage or comments about things Confederate?

Whether or not the local mayors or the governor acknowledge the existence of
Confederate History Month, doesn’t the Times feel any obligation to do so? Is
the newspaper a true mirror of the community The Times serves or a reflection
of its own special agenda?

Ignoring or remaining silent about the Confederacy and/or the Civil War during
Black History Month or Confederate History Month smacks of intellectual dishonesty,
if not an outright bias towards Southerners.

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