From the President of University of South Carolina

Friday, April 20, 2007

From a reader:

The following is what appears to be an answer to my respectful letter (below)
to President Andrew Sorensen on USC regarding the Steve Spurrier remarks recently.

19 April 2007

“Thank you for your message about Coach Steve Spurrier’s widely
publicized comments on removing the Confederate battle flag from the State House
Grounds. Coach Spurrier, as he has made clear, spoke as an individual. He does
not speak on behalf of the University. However, as president of Carolina, I
am very proud that during his tenure here Steve has become deeply dedicated
to our University and to his new home State.

Although there are many diverse opinions about how we should celebrate our
heritage, the message we Americans of every persuasion proudly tell the world,
whether in the Iraq or Afghanistan or elsewhere, is that in our democracy we
cherish the right of all citizens to express their beliefs on a very broad range
of issues—without fear of recrimination.

I sincerely appreciate your opinion and fully respect your right to declare
it openly. I will continue to welcome your thoughts at any time.”

Sincerely yours,
Andrew A. Sorensen

As you see, it is written in classic newspeak and relates global issues that
have no relationship to what Spurrier said—and this university president is
under the delusion that we live in a democracy as opposed to a republic. Based
on his claim that “we cherish the right of all citizens to express their
beliefs on a very broad range of issues—without fear of recrimination,”
I suppose he feels that Don Imus suffered inappropriate recrimination after
stating his belief that the ladies basketball team at Rutgers resembled prostitutes
with unusual hairstyles. While Sorensen is filled with the spirit of diversity
and a claim of respect for others opinions, I am confident he would call for
Spurrier’s ouster had the latter referred to the USC ladies basketball
players as “nappy headed ho’s,” or similar popular verbiage.

Thanks for sending this. In other words, any slam against Southerners is free
speech, any hint of criticism or insult at minorities is hate speech. Any questions?

Posted by Mike Tuggle on 04/20

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