Marxists behind distorted history [of Confederacy]

Posted by Larry Darby on Friday May 11, 2007

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Marxists behind distorted history

May 2, 2007

Wayne Sabel in his April 25 letter uses typical Marxist mantra to discredit
any attempt to put forth truth in history regarding Confederate American history.

Karl Marx in one of 29 articles about the war wrote, "The war between
the North and South is a tariff war." Marx, who was first published in
the United States in 1861, penned a letter congratulating Lincoln for his 1864

A 21st century apology for 19th century slavery sounds similar to the expanding
generation of children of Holocaust survivors, many of whom benefit from reparations
enforced by post-World War II Marxist-influenced European governments.

Sabel knows author John S. Tilley for his "Alabama Equity;" As to
the allegation of "unspeakable horror and cruelty" by slave owners,
I refer Sabel to Tilley’s "Facts The Historians Leave Out," available
from the Sons of Confederate Veterans at

As to calling President Jefferson Davis a racist, that word first appeared
in an American dictionary in 1949. Its introduction to our lexicon can be traced
to Leon Trotsky, who theorized that Communist success in the United States required
turning the races against each other.

Lincoln’s war of aggression against the Confederacy marked the first conquest
by the Union, the beginning of the American empire.

Acknowledging the recent conquests of Afghanistan and Iraq, the current Union
president on May 1, 2003, gave a speech far out at sea and aboard the USS Abraham
Lincoln in front of a sign proclaiming "Mission Accomplished."

Larry Darby

Montgomery, Alabama

Note: The newspaper edited out the real or birth names of Marx (Moses Levy
Mordecai) and Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein) to protect the identity of
the traditional enemies of free speech.

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