‘Net Window Shows off Elite, Ron Paul

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The next shoe is dropping – a loud one.

FMNN was founded with two big ideas, among others: first, that the 2000s were
going to be a decade kind to commodities investing – as a result of inflation.
Second, that the Internet was going to radically reshape U.S. politics (and
the West’s) as usual – and the sound of this “creative destruction”
was going to reverberate around the world.

As a still-functioning, if wobbly, republic, America has always been the last
best hope for humankind. Unlike almost every other regulatory entity on earth,
America’s political structure was built around a robust, if vague, document
– the Constitution – that allowed the country to act on the principles presented.

The antidote to constitutional abuse was simple: States could leave the union.
It took a great, bloody "civil war" to eradicate this option, and,
ever since, increasingly onerous dictats have built up.

A central bank, a graduated income tax, public schools, regulatory departments,
increasingly notable "hereditary" families of power and wealth – an
entire, oppressive, European-style system has been erected gradually in these
united States.

But the one thing that has not been eradicated – indeed, is impossible to eradicate
– is the country’s culture. Republican sentiment takes generations to die, if
it ever does. And American republican sentiment is alive and well, if confused.

But not for long.

Much as the Gutenberg Press allowed millions of Europeans to understand what
the Bible really said – versus what the Catholic Church and Royalty maintained
it said – so the Internet is making clear the intent, and reality, of the American

More and more Internet viewers are starting to understand it. Thanks to the
Internet, they saw the corruption of the Clinton years. Thanks to the Internet,
they have come to understand that Bush was no better than Clinton, and in some
ways far worse.

Now, thanks to the Internet and– literally – millions of alternative
news sites and blogs, Internet users are being introduced to the concept of
the American republic as it once was, and will be (in some ways, at least) again.

This is the "sound of the shoe dropping" referred to above. The trilogy
of real illumination is taking place even now in the United States. First, Clinton
and his Democrats were unmasked, then Bush and the Republicans.

The third epiphany dawns: Democrats and Republicans sit to one side of the
political spectrum and classical liberalism – freedom and modest government
– sits on the other. The left/right spectrum is a wrong one, as FMNN commentator
Nelson Hultberg has pointed out. The best balance of power does not and cannot
lie between Democratic and Republican as these are but two bodies devoted to
celebrating variations of state power. Classical liberalism, as espoused by
presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex), is the answer to the
country’s creeping fascism.

Lower taxes, secure borders, demise of regulatory departments, encouragement
of state power, general deregulation, de-legitimization of the federal reserve,
all of these are actions that Ron Paul would support. This is not just “lip
service” on his part. He has an actual record to run on – votes that prove
he is sincere about his platform and hundreds of wonderfully articles available
on the ‘Net that spell out a consistent philosophy of freedom.

The West’s power elite is intensely uncomfortable with what is now occurring.
If it were possible to shut down the ‘Net, it would. But Western culture and
tradition does not allow it. Instead, the elite must suffer through this time
and try to build on current plans now in play.

Things are moving quickly. Indeed Fabian socialists have reportedly predicted
that the early 21st century will be a time of great change. But not all the
change is flowing in their direction. The Internet, in fact, is acting as a
window, revealing the elite’s increasingly feverish struggles to keep "one
world government" on track.

More likely, they will eventually abandon their efforts to "fast track"
their plans – whatever they are. Similar plans were abandoned during the Reformation
following the impact of the Gutenberg Press. Public pressure becomes overwhelming
and the consolidation or power is retarded or even halted for a period of time.
The elite regroups and begins again. It is the way of the world.

The elite cannot struggle against the "tide of history" anymore than
regular folks can. (It can just resist the obvious conclusions a little longer.)

When it comes to the current election, the elite has an especially difficult
problem, as alluded to above. The Internet has exposed both Democrats and Republicans.
There is no going back.

Ron Paul, at 70-plus years, represents the future not the past. That is why
his message resonates. His name has been banned from some polls and it has been
suggested that he be banned from the GOP debates. Nonetheless, he may well win
in New Hampshire, and may win Iowa and Arizona, too.

In answer, first one failing candidate then another has debuted. Guiliani,
Romney, McCain and, lately, Thompson. Thompson may not "fly" either.
He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, anti-free speech, (a good
friend of McCain, who is spectacularly so) pro-war and a card-carrying member
of the elite whose power is gradually eroding in American and the West.

Thompson, in fact, seems to know all this, which is probably why he is reluctant
to run despite a lot of obvious pressure on him to do so. He’s making noises
about using the Internet to buttress his campaign, but likely understands that
the Internet will more probably eviscerate his candidacy than support it.

The Internet, with its alternative reporting and blogging, has exposed the
corruption of first Clinton and then Bush. It has served as a kind of "window
into the soul" of the current power elite. Now the Internet is providing
the citizens of the West, especially America, with a view of real republican,
Ron Paul.

Ron Paul may or may not be the "Martin Luther" of the Internet era.
But, yes, the third shoe is dropping. The race has begun. It will not be "televised"
but it is certainly available digitally. And people are watching.

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