Re: Southern cause was no noble one


Dear Albany

The statements in the recent article or letter- "Southern cause was no
one" – are half truths at best. That means, for lack of whole historical
facts– the letter is half false by virtue of omitting the facts as to WHO,

The real owners of ships such as the Wanderer were Yankees. The major
Investors in buying, transporting and selling slaves were Yankees. The
cotton brokers set up for lucrative business in most Southern ports were
Yankees. In conjunction with European textile and cloth markets, THE
YANKEES controlled the price of the raw material. The insurers of slaves
sold North and South were Yankees. Do the research on the histories of
WALL Street and the English stock exchange. Many slaves sold South were
sold by Yankees. Some Yankees even came South to continue having slaves
for their personal agricultural and industrial profit. "King" cotton
produced by slave labor was sold North to voracious and lucrative Northern
textile mills. Cotton and related products were transported North in
Yankee sailing ships, Yankee steamships and later- on Yankee railroads.
Cotton was much more financially beneficial to Yankees and English markets
than to Southerners. Remember the most basic element of Economics for
agriculture- the humble and lowly farmer and gardener is NOT the middle man
and does NOT make the greater profit. Many Northern banks and financiers
loaned finances (with hefty interest rates) to Southern plantations to grow
crops with slave labor— blame ALL these aspects of the Trans-Atlantic
slave trade — ON THE YANKEES! IT looks like MOST of the critical details
in the slave trade and the division of labor (including slaves) in the USA
was the handiwork of the Yankees. Then, when slavery became an untenable
prospect as a viable part of the division of labor– for reasons of the
Tariff issue, abolitionist pressure, European markets becoming competitive,
etc. the Yankees waged a total war on the South to make even more money off
yet another Northern enterprise. Then along came yet another Northern
enterprise— the full-fledged westward expansion with Sherman and
Sheridan’s Yankee policy of "good Indians are dead ones" to enable
the North
to recover massive war expenses and to remain the dominant political
predator of the Western Hemisphere. Sound funny? If it is "funny"
is because Yankees are funny. Read the history of the Brown family, the
Gracie family, the Phelps and Dodge families and a host of other wealthy or
greedy Yankee individuals and families who created this peculiar dynamic
market of labor and profit— from stem to stern. THEN make a judgment
call against the South!

As a historian, I see very clearly that IF the Europeans had NOT created
the systems of slave labor all throughout the Americas and the wealthy and
greedy Northern Yankees had NOT institutionalized and maintained African
slavery as a part of the division of labor in North America for lucrative
financial gain– there would NOT have been any slavery- White or Black in
North America! Look at the Brown family investing in ships, slave
markets in Africa and in the Americas and textile factories in Northern
states. Look at the Gracie mansion in New York City. It was owned by a
cotton broker— Mr. Archibald Gracie, Sr- comfortably established in a very
lucrative business in the port of Mobile, AL. Look at the history of the
Phelps—Dodge, Corp. My God- they made their multi-millions off slavery
from pious positions of wealth and religion in the North. Then they made
huge amounts of money off the so-called Civil War. These were the elite
class of people that made the dynamics of capital, slave labor and resources
work in North America. To deny the simple facts is just- well,
hebetudinous and prejudicial.

If everything in the North built by the financial gain from Black
slave labor was destroyed, most of the fine old homes, businesses, and
corporations still extant the North would be adversely affected and the Wall
Street exchange would be history. The very economic foundation of the
United States of America as it was for Greece and Rome, Mexico and Egypt,
etc. was built on slave labor. Even a government building in New York
City is built over most of the actual site of an abandoned African slave
graveyard. Many of the skeletal remains show evidences of poor diet, lack
of medical care and of being practically worked to death. How fitting the
symbolism. The Dutch colony and the Yankees are the ones to blame for that
nasty historical detail but the blame is put on the South.

What is the objective for blaming everything on the South and on the
CSA in particular when the Europeans started slavery and the North
maintained it?
Don’t you find it most Interesting that Yankees like Whitney made the cotton
gin work in the South when Southern cotton was desperately needed by the
North and then Whitney mass produced the rifled musket to kill Southerners
en mass when they were no longer needed?

No wonder many Southerners still call "Those people"— damnyankees!
Why can’t
you as a journalist see AND publish the truth? Ignorance of historical
fact is NO EXCUSE to perpetuate more ignorance in journalism.

Mr. Griffin
Douglas, AZ