A detached NAACP in crisis

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Star Parker on the NAACP’s self-inflicted troubles:

The NAACP announced that it will cut its national staff by 40 percent and that
seven regional offices will be cut …

In an interview shortly after he departed, [ex-president] Gordon analyzed the
NAACP’s problems and summed them up as typical of any business that has
lost touch with its customers.

Gordon touched the heart of the problem. But I would take it a step further.
Not only has the organization lost touch with the realities and needs of black
America, but it is driven by an agenda that is actually damaging its own community.
… The NAACP’s “social justice” agenda today is simply a
boilerplate program of the political left.

And I’d take that a step further. The NAACP has long served the central
government by endorsing its ever-expanding domestic powers, powers that supposedly
put muscle into its “social justive” agenda. DC portrays itself
as being in the liberation business at home and abroad, which legitimizes its
political and economic power. By coming to the rescue of an oppressed minority,
DC comes off as the good guy. Of course, DC’s current favored minority
is represented by La Raza, so the NAACP is losing steam. Sorry, fellas, you’ve
been replaced.

Posted by Mike Tuggle on 06/20

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