Friday, September 21, 2007

Greetings fellow Southerners,

            For the past six weeks this Exploratory Committee has been rolling along.  During this time we have traveled well over 4,000 miles across the South and spoken to supporters and potential supporters in at least five states.  Please forgive me for not getting this report out sooner but as you can tell, we have been busy!  Not only have we spoken to various groups but also we have had several radio interviews and have made some contacts with other radio and news outlets, all of which will hopefully bear fruit.

            I must take this opportunity to say a special word of thanks to all the folks along the way who have worked so hard to set up meetings and book signings that allowed me to talk about this effort.  Without the hundreds of folks who have taken the time to help and to show up at these meetings, we would have done nothing. 

            On Saturday the 15th of this month I traveled to Georgia and thanks to the efforts of Mike Crane and Mike Bruce, we shot a new 20 minute video, The System is Broken.  In this video we go into some detail about how our good system of government was broken by Lincoln’s army of aggression at Appomattox.  As you know, no matter who is nominated by the Republican Party or elected in the general election, the system remains broken.  That broken system can never reclaim our lost liberty and force the Federal government to abide by the limitations of the Constitution.  The message of the Kennedy Exploratory Committee is that we must face this fact:  With the defeat of the South, limited government (that government given to us by our Colonial forefathers) with REAL State’s Rights as a tool to force the Federal government to be our servant not our master, is “gone with the wind!”  We can keep rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic, (electing more good Republicans) or we can fix the problem, that is, a system that is broken.  NO Republican and surely no Democrat is willing to face the true reason why we can’t control the growth of big government in these United States today.  You and I have the answer.  Let’s keep working to get our message to our fellow Southerners. 

            As this update is being written there is a great hue and cry in the media about the so-called “Jena six,” from Jena, Louisiana.  You may recall this all started as a high school prank with a noose hanging in a tree (all of which was in very poor taste).  As sure as Al Sharpton has bad hair, the p.c. media and politicians are lining up to defend the criminal actions of these six teenagers.  Once again we the people of the South are being excoriated and otherwise condemned by all those in power.

            Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other race pimps are charging that there is a double standard of justice in America and surely in the South when it comes to African-Americans.  Yes, I agree.  There is a double standard.  I am thinking about a certain African-American “artist” who was not offended by a noose when he “hung a Confederate Flag” at Gettysburg College.  When he took his provocative display on the road down South, he was not condemned for promoting “hate speech,” being “offensive or insensitive,” or charged with inciting to riot.  Yet, today a man has been arrested just South of Jena, Louisiana.  His crime?  He was so insensitive as to display a noose from the back of his pick-up truck!  His charge, according to the mayor of Alexander, Louisiana, is “inciting to riot,” and engaging in “hate speech” (I don’t think there is such a law in Louisiana). 

            Unfortunately, what is true in Louisiana is true all across the South.  It will not get better until we have the power to make or break all scalawag politicians who kow-tow to the Sharptons, Jacksons, and all such anti-South vermin.  Continuing to elect the same old set of politicians who are loyal to a BROKEN SYSTEM will insure more scalawags—it’s time to make a difference.

Deo Vindice,

Walter D. Kennedy

P.S.  I will be traveling  to Chattanooga to speak Oct. 4th- 6th.  See you there.  

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