Flaggers needed

From: Georgia Flagger
Date: October 5, 2007

Hi neighbor,
Just giving you an update on what is happening in Haralson County.
Last Friday night at the football game, controversy arose after Confederate Battle Flags were flown at the Haralson County game.
Haralson County Deputies started confiscating flags and it kind of got out of hand.
Several fans are mad.  School Board member and former Lt. Commander Robbie Jordan contacted me and said Bear, I need help
Our school is losing our mascot, our flag and the band is no longer playing Dixie after touchdowns, or in parades. 
Sheriff Eddie Mixon, upon a call to him, informed me that his deputies were acting upon the request of the school board and school administration.  After further investigation, we found there is more to it than this.
The street sign at the drive of the school, which is “Rebel Drive” has been taken down.  The colors of the football uniforms have been changed from blue and gray to red and white.  The construction of the new gym consists of a firewall that will cover up a large battle flag and a drawing of the old Southern Gentlemen, which is the school mascot.  An asteroid has been painted on the floor of the gym, rather than the old gentlemen or the flag, like was promised.
After talking to Robbie Jordan, we found that the problem lies with one board member, Chuck Smith, the School Board Superintendent, which is appointed by the school board and the principle.
In other words, all of these actions that have taken place, we are calling the “Roy Barnes cover up.”
Our plan of action:
Billy Bearden has been contacted to invite the heritage organizations to assist in this matter.
Signs have been printed to recall Chuck Smith, the Superintendent and to fire the principal.
My Lt. Commander, Mark Thomas, has already got several, several signatures on a petition for this.
Signs are in process of being printed by Boarts and his flaggers to march against Chuck Smith Auto Service in Tallapoosa. (He runs a mechanic shop.)
Cemetery flags have been purchased to be passed out at the football game on October 12th, which is the next home game.
We are asking for members of camps throughout the Georgia Division to come and help us fight our fight.  We will be meeting at the old courthouse in Buchanan on the 12th at 5:45 PM to go to the game.
We are asking for members to show up in uniforms and also asking for Belles to attend.  The admission is $7.00 per person. We are going to have a quiet, but tasteful protest.  Black belts only, no powder guns of any kind, no swords, knives, etc.  Since this is school property, not even any tobacco products.  I am instructing no profanity.  We are to be Southern ladies and gentlemen.
Flyers are being printed up showing the before and after shots of the flag and the Southern Gentlemen in the gym. We will be passing them out throughout Haralson County.  The parents of the students and school alumni do not know of this conspiracy in the County.
This is all that I know at the present time.  Tonight at the Lodge, Sheriff Mixon and Chief Deputy McSwain informed me that I can give away all the flags that we want to, but save two, one for me and one for the deputy. Knowing Eddie, this is his way of saying that he is behind us.
I do not want this to get out of hand, but I want our rights to be upheld.
God Bless Dixie and Haralson County
Commander Bear
Haralson Invincibles Camp 673

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