Of Lincolnian & Unionist Idolatry

Posted by Casey Khan at December 26, 2007

I used to never understand why so many Chinese hold such a reverent view of Chairman Mao. I’ve worked with many of these intelligent people in the financial and energy markets in the past; mainland Chinese who view Mao as a god-like savior of their people. What could be deluding these people about this psychopath? I’m much more understanding of my mainland friends these days, particularly in light of how Lincoln is unquestionably revered among some Americans today. To question Lincoln and his diabolical adherence to the Union at all costs is of course blasphemy to American Unionism. In fact, I think the false dogma of Unionism lends greater credence to many Americans today than the Incarnation itself.

But wasn’t the Civil War primarily about ending slavery and not the salvation of the Union? Well, it seems as if the cat’s out of the bag and David Knowles of AOL Newsbloggers admits in public the unthinkable, that the Civil War was really all about the Union and that Lincoln had no intention of ending slavery or abolishing the Fugitive Slave Act. Unfortunately, Knowles claims that Ron Paul, in his MTP interview did not realize these facts in discussing a non-interventionist approach to ending slavery with Tim Russert. According to Knowles, “perhaps Mr. Paul could do with a refresher course in American history.” Well, maybe Knowles needs a refresher course in reading a transcript, since Paul alludes to Unionism as Lincoln’s primary motive when he stated, “No, [Lincoln] shouldn’t have gone, gone to war. He did this just to enhance and get rid of the original intent of the republic.” It is Russert that needs the refresher course in history when he says, “We’d still have slavery.” To which Paul correctly notes that it was only out of the hard hearts of adherents to Unionism that chattel slavery was violently eliminated, while elsewhere it was done away with peacefully. What should be further mentioned, is that it took the slavery of military conscription to bring about such a victory. In any case, it is interesting to see a mainstream admittance that the primary purpose of the Civil War was maintaining the Union at all costs.

Which is why the Lincolnian view of Unionism is diabolical. If the primary purpose and initial motive behind Lincoln’s mass conscription to invade the southern states, was primarily about eradicating slavery, then there is at least a hint of righteousness in the act of freeing slaves. However, as Lincoln’s own words attest, it was the elevation of an ideology which took precedence to the lives of the 600,000 dead and countless wounded. Such a view is no better than one held by Mao or Lenin. Humanity is secondary to the political ideal, whether it be communism, Leninism, or Unionism. As such, in the eyes of the Unionist, the Union itself enjoys greater dogmatic reverence than the status of Christian marriage, “what Abe hath put together, no man shall put asunder.” And so today, the idolatrous worshippers at the altar of Lincoln move forward, holding ideology above humanity, whether it is in Atlanta, Hue City, or Fallujah. Glory, glory, hallelujah! Lincoln’s truth keeps marching on!

So when your mainland Chinese friend is going on and on praising Chairman Mao, cut him a break, remember, we Americans have got our own silly dogmas to overcome.

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