Nazi comparison out-of-bounds


There is a certain newspaper (used in the very loosest term of the definition), who put an article originally printed in the Miami Herald as “Advice to a Young Colleague.”

Apparently, it wasn’t enough that Leonard Pitts, the author of said article, tries in vain to twist history to fit his own agenda. No it wasn’t. The newspaper decided to title it with this vile comparison.

The paper, of course, is the Post Bulletin and the article, with their new title, was “About the Confederate flag — even Nazis have a heritage.” At first, I was going to lower myself to that of the Post-Bulletin by making the same comparison, only I was going to bring up the atrocities the North committed.

However, my wife, the voice of reason, put me back on my original path. The people of the South, whether or not they like the Confederate flag, are, after all, Americans. To compare any American to Nazism is so heinous and low that there is no excuse for it. The Post-Bulletin just continues to show everyone what a low-class newspaper it really is.

Jim Lairson


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