Letter: Learn Civil War history

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Leonard Pitts Jr., normally a rational journalist, has gone off on another ignorant tirade: Any mention of the Confederacy is automatically a blatantly racist diatribe. Too bad he slept through American History 101.

The Confederate battle flag an American swastika? Since the Stars and Stripes flew over a legal slave nation for nearly 100 years, is that also a swastika?

Unfortunately, the battle flag and even the crucifix have been used by skinheads and the KKK to project hatred. Too bad that Pitts knows only this sad twisting of our history. To him, only rednecks revere the South.

The War Between the States was fought only to free the slaves? U.S. war aims were to preserve the Union. The was no campaign against slavery until halfway through the war. Even Gen. Grant protected slavery in the occupied territories. Only the 13th Amendment freed all slaves.

Pitts might be surprised to know of the thousands of blacks – free and slave – who fought for the South. Whites and blacks fought together to protect their homes and families from Northern invasion.

Most states seceded because they believed they were sovereign and their allegiance to the Union was secondary.

We should not surrender the Confederate flag nor the cross to KKK racists. Retroactive cleansing of history is doomed to failure because at its heart, it is not true.

Jerry Martin


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