Roz Bowie–A Black Woman pays tribute to an unknown Confederate Soldier

Posted: Thursday, April 24th 2008
By Calvin Johnson Jr. Staff

April is Confederate History Month and this is a Confederate History Month minute.

Take me home to the place where I was born, on a early frosty morn, Sweet Dixie, Take me home.

These words are from a LP recording by Mrs. Roz Bowie, an African-American woman, who made the recording called, “Take Me Home– The Ballad of the unknown Confederate soldier.” This song is included on Mrs. Bowie’s album called “Dixie.”

Mrs. Bowie is said to have been inspired to do the Dixie album by the spirit of events that took place during the War Between States Battle of Ox Hill, Virginia, on September 1, 1862, where a Confederate soldier was killed during a blinding rainstorm. One Hundred twenty four years later the remains of the soldier were unearthed during a construction project near the present day City of Chantily, Virginia. His remains were taken home and a Confederate Memorial Service was held in Columbia, South Carolina, on November 22, 1986. Mrs. Bowie, A Southern Lady, wanted to be part of this event.

Because of the momentous and solemn occasion, thousands would come to pay their respects as they re buried this soldier. Mrs. Roz Bowie sung the song “Take Me Home” as well as Dixie and Bonnie Blue Flag. Mrs. Bowie’s music can be found by typing her name in the search engines.

Saturday, April 26, 2008, is Confederate Memorial Day. Find out where many tributes to our men and women of Old Dixie will be held at:

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