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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Southern Poverty Law Center fulfills a conspicuous and honored role in our political process, roughly equivalent to that of Cotton Mather in the Salem Witch Trials. The latest dissident wretch it’s had to deal with is Lee Bright, who’s running for the South Carolina State Senate. Seems his campaign manager holds certain ideas judged abhorrent and perilous to the realm:

Chris Sullivan, the campaign manager for state Senate District 12 candidate Lee Bright, helped lead a purge of non-racists from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Umm — no sources cited, no names? Yes, that’s the lead paragraph, which most folks will carelessly read and conclude Bright’s a bad, bad man — just like his campaign manager:

Sullivan also is editor of Southern Partisan magazine, which the Montgomery, Ala.-based SPLC claims is “soft propaganda” for the neo-Confederate movement.

“They like to depict slaves as being happy, they say the emancipation proclamation was sinister and they once said John Wilkes Booth was not only sane, but sensible,” said SPLC spokeswoman Heidi Beirich.

What could be more pertinent to a present-day political race than issues and personalities from 150 years ago? They must be all-important, or the SPLC wouldn’t have sicced its meanest, most ruthless bully on Bright. No wonder Beirich is referred to as “Pushy Galore.”

Every member of the corporate media who interviews Mark Potok or Heidi Beirich secretly thinks, “I wish I could get a cushy job like that!” That’s why they add their own little slam against the SPLC’s victim du jour to show off their own mastery of innuendo, and this piece is no exception. The article goes on to reveal another of Sullivan’s heresies:

In an article currently on its Web site,, the magazine gives its Scalawag Award to Virginia and North Carolina because their state legislatures apologized for slavery. The article also says “black agitators like the Rev. Jesse (Jackson) and the Rev. Al (Sharpton),” take advantage of a double standard that holds the South responsible for slavery but not the North.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are — agitators? Oh, the intolerance. What a wicked magazine this Southern Partisan must be.

Never mind that the liberal Huffington Post and Slate have said the same thing about Sharpton. It doesn’t matter because those comments were made in an entirely different context.

They weren’t made by a conservative Southerner.

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