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Date: June 11, 2008


The name given to the period immediately following the War during which the South was made to pay for its stand against federal tyranny. Every area of the South was attacked… its culture, history, economy, religion, political life, and society. Ultimately, however, the atheistic and marxist roots of Reconstruction were extended well beyond the geographical boundaries of Dixie, as the proponents of centralised “big government” stretched its tentacles from “sea to shining sea.”

This Set Includes:


Donald Livingston: “The 14th Amendment”
The fourteenth amendment is nearly universally used as the excuse by proponents of centralized power as the reason that the federal government has the authority to reign supreme over the states and citizens, alike. Although never constitutionally ratified, this amendment has been used to transform every American into a citizen of the federal government instead of his state and to make the states little more than mere political subdivisions of the federal leviathan. This discussion explains how, why, and the consequences… for all Americans, not just Southerners.

Donald Livingston: “Reconstruction: The Long Retreat from Politics to Legalism”
In this first of a two-part discussion on Reconstruction by Dr. Livingston, he examines the philosophical transformation that America underwent politically during the transition from the American Republic prior to the War of Northern Aggression to the federal empire which emerged afterward.

Donald Livingston: “Reconstruction: The Long March to Centralisation”
This conclusion of Dr. Livingston’s two-part treatise on Reconstruction lays out, in plain language, the path that America took as the Republic of our Founding Fathers devolved into an all-powerful, federal leviathan. An understanding of the course which has brought America to this point may hopefully also provide the keys to the restoration of our liberties.

Thomas DiLorenzo: “Reconstructing America”
One of the men generally recognised for exploding the Yankee myth of Lincoln examines how Lincoln, the Radical Republicans, and the federal government, in general, succeeded in changing not just the Southern way of life after the War… but the very fabric of American self-government.

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