Proud of heritage

Published: July 10. 2008

I would like to respond to your Sunday, June 22, editorial, titled “Heritage or heresy,” in which you say Confederate flags should be put back in the museums, where they belong.

Maybe there are some fringe groups or fanatics who would misuse the Confederate flag, but I am not one of them. I am a Southerner by birth, and I am proud of my Southern heritage. My great-grandfather Joiner rode with the Alabama cavalry when he was 18, and my great-great-grandfather Parker fought for the Confederacy and was captured at Greenhill.

The war was fought over states’ rights; the issue of slavery was brought in later. We have since come together as a nation, and we, as Americans, have freedoms and being proud of our Southern heritage is one of them!

I have a right to display the Confederate flag, and thanks to your editorial, I plan to put a Confederate flag bumper sticker on my van.

It will not be a symbol for slavery nor will I be stating that I want Alabama to withdraw from the Union, but will, in fact, be a tribute to all those brave Confederate soldiers who fought for the South and for her ideals.

Janice Williams

Center Star

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