Crystal Springs Tomato Festival
June 27 & 28, 2008

The occasion was our town’s annual Tomato Festival (Crystal Springs was once known as the Tomato Capital of The World). June 28, 2008. We set up our Booth at the Episcopal Church my wife and I attend. HK was interviewed by the local NBC affiliate. The interview appeared very briefly on the 5:00 p.m. report but many saw it, and let me know.

After the festival our local Genealogical and Historical Society (my wife and I are members) presented a “Cemetery Comes Alive” program depicting some of the promient citizens and founding fathers of our town. My camp members and HK were at the Confederate Mound where 20 unknown Confederate dead are buried. We gave over 100 people a “politically incorrect” rendition of the “late unpleasantness” including singing “God Save The South”, DIXIE and HK’s recitation of “I Am Their Flag”!

I am still being accosted on every trip to town to be told how much our presence and presentation was enjoyed and that more is wanted.

Mike Webb
SCV Camp #712
Crystal Springs Southern Rights

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