The Yankee/Marxist Mindset

Saturday, August 30, 2008
by Al Benson Jr.

On the dates of August 15-16 I attended a Southern Heritage conference in Laurel, Mississippi at which I gave 2 speeches.

The first of the two speeches, and the one I considered the most pertinent, was about what I call the Yankee/Marxist mindset, which I felt was rather appropriate, as the two mindsets, world views, or theologies if you will, seem to be identical. Most “historians” won’t touch this subject with a ten-foot pole because they’d rather you didn’t become too familiar or aware of just how similar the two world views really are.

A little understanding of the Marxist mindset will not hurt in this instance. Example: When a Communist tells you he wants “peace” what he really wants is the absence of any resistance to communism. To him, that is the only true peace there is. All else is a state of war to him. So, if you want “peace” with a Communist all you have to do quit opposing him and let him have his way with your kids (via govt. schools), or your property (via property taxes), or your wife (via the Feminist agenda) or whatever else he decides he wants that is yours. In his convoluted world what’s his is his and what’s yours is always negotiable (as long as he has the upper hand).

However, in communicating with their own people they are quite specific.. Check out the ten points for taking over a country listed in the Communist Manifesto and you will see. They are very specific about removing your right to private property, about “education for all children in public schools” and about taxing you with the exact same kind of “progressive graduated income tax” that was enacted during the Lincoln administration.

What most Southern folks fail to realize is that much of Marx’s agenda was implemented during and after the War of Northern Aggression. During that war the Yankee attitude toward the private property of Southern folks was thoroughly Marxist in the way it was carried out–confiscate (steal) what you want and destroy the rest! If Southern women and children starve to death because of what you did, well, tough, buddy. That’s the way it is! If you are able to get hold of John Dwyer’s book The War Between the States–America’s Uncivil War by all means do so. On page 609 he compares what the radical abolitionist reconstruction crowd wanted to do with what Marx and his followers advocated.. The similarity between the two lists should shock you. If it doesn’t, then you have had your ability to display righteous indignation seriously tampered with by those brain laundries we charitably refer to as public schools. Check out Mr. Dwyer’s book on and get a copy if you can. It is a book that should be in every Christian school in the land.

In his book War Along the Bayous which is a history of the infamous Red River Campaign here in Louisiana, author William Riley Brooksher notes the attitude of invading Yankees toward the Southerner’s cotton–it was here to be confiscated (stolen) and sold, so everyone except the Union soldiers who had to fight the campaign could make a profit out of someone else’s labor–and that includes U. S. Naval officers who were awarded prize money for stolen Southern cotton. You may think that sounds anti-Marxist, but it really isn’t. The Marxists have no problem with profit as long as they are the only ones making it and as long as they can redefine it so it sounds like something other than it really is. Oh, they claim they abhor profit, but in practice it doesn’t work out that way. Brooksher reports, on page 65, about Yankee plunder of Southern private property and how Yankee troops took what they wanted and just destroyed the rest. He noted one Union officer that even halted some bargaining over a man’s private property by noting that the officer rudely stepped in and said that “they had come to take, not buy.” An example of the classic Yankee/Marxist viewpoint!

And, on pages 145-146 of the book Sherman’s March by Burke Davis, the real Yankee attitude toward Christianity is displayed as the narrative unfolds the story of how some Yankee troops destroyed a Southern church, bit by bit, tearing it to pieces, and then, when it finally collapsed, they shouted “There goes your damned old gospel shop.” It makes you wonder how many of these soldiers spoke with foreign accents and came over here after 1848. Here again, when it comes to the truth of the Christian faith, the Yankee and Marxist mindsets are identical–so why shouldn’t they be linked? They are one in the same.

It’s time our folks in the South finally began to grasp the truth that the War of Northern Aggression was really a Marxist revolution–one the whole country has never recovered from–and as long as we continue to submit our kids to Marx’s government school system for their “education” we never will!
Heaven is on the way, until then lets get the truth out !

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