The Tradition Stealers

by Al Benson Jr.

Over the years I’ve read lots of Louis L’Amour’s books. Although I surely don’t agree totally with some of Mr. L’Amour’s mindset, I have found his books to be refreshingly free of graphic sex and bedroom scenes which so many others seem to have to include in their work as signs that they are being “realistic” or “relevant.” L’Amour’s books are such that, should you leave one laying about and your granddaughter happens to pick it up, you don’t have to be ashamed to have her read it or to have her find it in your house.

Recently, I reread one I had read a couple times before and all of a sudden a couple lines jumped out at me that I’d never noticed previously. The main character in the story is speaking and he says: “We must not lose touch with what we were, with what we had been, nor must we allow the well of our history to dry up, for a child without tradition is a child crippled before the world.” I could not help but agree with Mr. L’Amour’s sentiment expressed in these few words. No people, no cultural group, should forget where they came from or what they were. If they lose their history they lose it all, and any child growing up without a firm grasp of his or her history and heritage is a child that will truly suffer the “slings and arrows” of worldly foes that hate the child because of what his history was and who will seek to denigrate that history, leaving the child with nothing but guilt and a place on the “stool of everlasting repentance.”

I thought of this in the context of what the “historians” so-called, and the government schools have been trying to do to the children of the South for generations now, ever since the so-called Marxist “reconstruction.”

How often are Confederate symbols and flags today treated as nothing but “racist” symbols, representing only the quest to own slaves and to lord it over others? How often are kids with Confederate symbols on their tee shirts sent home from classes because the flags on their clothing are deemed “offensive” and “disruptive” by government school administrators? What about Malcolm X flags? Seems there’s no problem there. The kids that wear them to school are okay because they aren’t “racist.” Yeah, right! How often do you read in the media (notice I dont call them the “news” media anymore) articles by columnists that routinely compare Confederate symbols to Nazi symbols? People that attempt to correct these lame-brained columnists are, in most cases, met with a sneering “holier than thou” attitude. Any poor youngster in the South that has no other frame of reference except the “newspapers” or his government school teachers would be forced to conclude that his great, great grandad who fought for the South during the War of Northern Aggression was really someone to be ashamed of.

And, folks, that’s the name of the game.

Southern cultural genocide is what is at work here. To do the same thing to any other cultural group would be considered to be a hate crime of gigantic proportions, but to do it to the white, Christian Southerner becomes almost an obligation in today’s culture. A double standard you say, well sure it is, but no one ever mentions that, least of all the educrats and the media. You aren’t supposed to notice. In fact, this double standard is part and parcel of the agenda, and if you dare to question it that makes you a blatant racist. I wrote an article awhile back for about an excuse for an academic back in Delaware who claimed that only white people are racists, no one else ever is, because other kinds of folks don’t have the “power” to be racists. What a pile of bovine fertilizer that was. The problem is that many people believe such unmitigated drivel just because some “professor” somewhere said it. Now I’ve known some college professors over the years that have really been decent folks, good folks. But I have also known some that didn’t have sense enough to come in out of the rain.

What those people are trying to do is to strip the next generation of Southern young people of their history, heritage and culture, to make them ashamed of it, to make them want to repudiate it and to accept, in its place, the theology of the New World Order. I use the word theology here because, at its root, that’s what we really have here, a competition of theologies–the statist, New World Order theology vs. the old traditional Christian culture of the Old South. All those involved in this attempted cultural rape may not realize, at the deepest level what they are actually a part of, but I think many of them do.

To be sure, the Old South wasn’t perfect. No society that is made up of sinful human beings is, not even the “pristine” Yankee culture they try to throw at us. The Yankee mindset, in many cases, parallels the Marxist mindset, and folks, that’s about as far from perfect as it gets!

So we have to make sure our youngsters learn the truth, and learn to realize that they dont have all that much to be ashamed of and have a lot to be thankful for with their Southern heritage. Let’s don’t let the statist mind-benders twist our history and make our kids ashamed of it, lest they truly become “crippled before the world.”

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