David Crockett Students Are Upset Over Confederate Flag Issue

By Bill Christian
Anchor / Reporter / WJHL
Published: November 14, 2008

Controversy is swirling at one high school in the Tri-Cities. Several viewers contacted News Channel 11 asking why the rebel flag had been from David Crockett High School.

“They are trying to make them take the stickers off their cars and everything,”
said Devon Lewis, student.

Parents also have issue with the new rule.

“I believe that people should be able to fly the flags they like to fly without everybody getting their feelings hurt,” said Shawn Berry, parent.

Students said they were told by the school on Wednesday that the rebel flag or t-shirts and other items with the rebel flag on it will not be allowed at the school. Lewis said that students were bringing the rebel flag to school in honor of fellow student Michael Payne who recently died after an ATV accident.

Lewis also told us that several fights broke out at the school between white and Hispanic students, and then the announcement was made to not allow the rebel flag.

“I don’t believe it’s a racial issue at all, it’s just a tribute to Michael,” Lewis said.

Officials with Washington County Schools did acknowledge Crockett’s principal is not allowing the rebel flag symbol at school.
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