East Alabama Principal Bans Confederate Flag Shirts

Posted: Nov 13, 2008

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) — Reeltown High School is home to the rebels, but you won’t see students sporting the rebel flag on campus. Principal Tom Cochran sent a letter to parents telling them their students are no longer allowed to wear Confederate flag t-shirts to school. It stems from racial tension within the school following Barack Obama’s presidential win. He says some students, "Did get out of hand with their excitement."

The day after the election, Cochran says a small group of black students taunted others about Obama’s victory and the next day another group of white students responded.  Cochran says those students, "Planned a demonstration where they all wore Confederate flags and regalia; some racial slurs were made"

While not to this degree, other schools have seen racial tension mount since the election. Montgomery Public Schools Spokesperson Tom Salter reports no problems within the district. Board policy does ban political apparel during the campaign season, but after the election "As long as it meets with our standard dress code, then there is no problem," says Salter.

Back in Reeltown, Principal Cochran, while he can’t ban Obama shirts, asked those involved in the disagreement not to wear one for now. Most students at Reeltown High say the racial tension has died down. As for the students involved, Principal Cochran decided not to punish them. He says he’ll use it as a tool to teach about tolerance.

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