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Saturday, November 29, 2008

James and Linda Vandiver lowered the DC flag and raised the Confederate Battleflag on the pole outside their motel. They did it to protest the election of Barack Hussein Obama, and Obama’s leftist agenda. A few huffy prisses objected, but most understood the real meaning of that flag — and agreed with it:

    For Loy Mauch of Bismarck in Hot Spring County, the Confederate flag is a symbol of America’s Christian roots, from which he believes the nation has strayed.

    “The government has lost its moral authority over God-fearing Americans and I wish more patriots like James Vandiver would take their stand for what the Confederate Battle Flag truly symbolizes,” Mauch wrote.

    Linda Vandiver said the Democrat is a Marxist who wants to turn America into a socialist country.

    Obama wants to redistribute wealth by raising taxes on the rich, create a universal healthcare system and institute a global tax aimed at eliminating worldwide poverty, she said.

    Steven Fowler, an accountant from nearby Alpena, which sits on the Boone-Carroll county line, called Vandiver to tell him that he supports what he’s doing after he read about it in the Record.

    The Battle Flag of the Confederacy, with a version of St. Andrew’s cross emblazoned across it, is a symbol of Christianity first and foremost, Fowler said.

    But it also represents the supremacy of the states over the federal government.

    By flying it, Fowler said, the Vandivers are warning against an Obama presidency that he believes will expand the federal government by nationalizing health care, redistributing wealth and broadening the welfare system.

    “And it’s not just Obama. [GOP candidate John ] Mc-Cain would do the same thing. The trend is toward centralizing power,” Fowler said. “The [Confederate ] flag is a symbol of defiance against tyranny and centralization of power. I urge everybody to learn what the flag truly represents and fly it.”

Naturally, when the Arkansas League of the South got wind of this, they extended their welcome to the latest folks who finally see the direction DC is taking us, and are ready to resist. Van Owens, the League’s Arkansas chairman, contacted The Vandivers to offer support. Good going, Van!

Expect to see more stories like this. The lines are coming into focus now — there are those who support the big-government, globalist DC regime, and they are pledging allegiance to their government and its flag with intoxicated joy.

And we have ours:

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