Another View of the NAACP — Part One

by Al Benson Jr.

As the United decrepit States of America slouch into the year 2009 we can be assured that with a new president, Barack Obama (according to author Alan Stang "aka Barry Sotero, aka Barry Obama, aka Barack Dunham)," etc. on and on ad nauseam, that the NAACP will? continue on in its usual path, calling for the destruction of anything remotely Southern or Confederate. With all the problems existing in the black community, all these people seem to be able to focus on is attacking Confederate symbols, flags, and statues, as if that would, somehow, magically alleviate all their problems. (Subtle hint here, folks–it won’t).

But is the NAACP really any different now that it has always been?? This organization really has a checkered history which can be discovered for those willing to take the trouble to look.

The NAACP seemed to suddenly "emerge" back in 1909 as an organization supposedly promoting equality of rights among the races. Interestingly, the formation of this group was urged by the leading leftist radicals of that day, among whom were Jane Addams, public school "educator" and humanist John Dewey, Lincoln Steffens and Rabbi Stephen Wise.

The first president of the NAACP was, oddly enough, a white man, Moorfield Storey, a white lawyer from Boston. This trend continued. For around the first sixty years of its existence, the presidents of this supposed black organization were all white. In 1969, a white man named Kivie Kaplan was still the NAACP president, according to the Biographical Dictionary of the Left, which was published in 1969. Obviously, since then, some things have changed. It is interesting to note, though, how long the NAACP had white presidents, almost as if the leftist radicals somehow didn’t trust the blacks to take the organization in the proper direction (to the left).

W. E. B. DuBois, who later joined the Communist Party, was the organization’s first director of publicity and research, as well as the editor of the group’s monthly publication The Osiris. This publication gave DuBois a convenient outlet from which to pour forth a continual screed of racial invectives against whites. DuBois was well noted for his leftism. He "hailed the Russian Revolution of 1917" and he made pilgrimages to the Soviet Union in 1926 and 1936. He especially liked "the racial attitudes of the Communists." That may be why he eventually became one.

In 1922 the NAACP started to receive grants from the Garland Fund, a big source for the funding of Communist Party projects. Officials of the Garland Fund included Communists William Z. Foster, Benjamim Gitlow, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and Scott Nearing. Other rather prominent left-wing officials were Roger Baldwin, Sidney Hillman, and Harry F. Ward, who was the "Red Dean of religion in America."? The Garland Fund goodies continued to pour into NAACP coffers up until 1934. But even when the money stopped, the Communist connections continued. The Biographical Dictionary of the Left noted that "In 1938, the NAACP was represented at the World Youth Congress, a Communist enterprise. And, in the 1940s, the NAACP was affiliated with American Youth for a Free World, the American affiliate of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, a Communist clearing house."

A most literate apologist for the NAACP was the well-known Langston Hughes. Hughes was affiliated with Communist Party projects from the mid-1920s until he passed away in 1967. In fact, in 1962, Hughes wrote a book Fight for Freedom: The story of the NAACP. In this book he attempted to downplay the influence of Communists in the NAACP.

The Biographical Dictionary noted again: "From its inception to the present (1969) no matter the protestations of Langston Hughes or any other NAACP apologist, the organization’s officials and its known members, collectively and individually, have represented the influential left, the leadership of Communist fronts and left wing political and pacifist groups, and the most effective of the anti-anti-Communist establishment."? With that kind of left wing tilt, do you wonder why they savage Confederate symbols every chance they get?

To be continued.

Copyright ? 2006-2009 Al Benson, Jr.

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