Remember words of Robert E. Lee

Fri, Jan 16, 2009

Jan. 19 is the birthday of a true Southern gentleman who honorably served his country. Robert E. Lee was an American by birth and a Southerner by the grace of God.

Lee made a difficult decision when he rejected command of the Union army and chose to follow Virginia into the Confederacy. His prayerful consideration at a critical moment in history serves as a lesson for us. Major decisions are difficult, God does not always answer as we expect and all will be judged by history. Remember that truth as we pray for the successful presidency of Barack Obama and the future of the United States of America.

We appreciate the wisdom and bravery of Robert E. Lee as he served during the War Between the States. Historians have recorded how Lee conducted himself as a gentleman in victory and defeat. In his personal papers after his death were found these important thoughts:

"A gentleman can not only forgive, he can forget; and a gentleman strives for that nobleness of self and mildness of character which impart sufficient strength to let the past be the past." (From "Robert E. Lee, A Biography," by Emory M. Thomas.)

On this anniversary of Lee’s birth, remember his words and heed them as we march into a new period of history. Let us seek to be gentlemen (or gentlewomen) and exhibit the characteristics called for by Lee’s words. Our heritage and future will depend on self-wisdom and strength of character.

William B.A. Culp Jr.
The Heritage Society of Beaufort

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