Update part 2; Harrison AR Confederate flag ban

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I will be part of the meeting tomorrow (Jan. 13) along side the local SCV in Harrison AR to discuss and hopefully finally resolve the policy of the Harrison Chamber of Commerce banning the public display of the Confederate flag and the ban of Dixie Outfitters from all Chamber of  Commerce sponsored events.  The meeting will be at 1500L.  I will be meeting first with members of the SCV in Harrison prior to meeting with the Chamber of Commerce.  For those of you who remember I first raised the alarm about the Harrison Chamber’s policy to ban the public display of the Confederate flag and of Dixie Outfitters from all Chamber of Commerce sponsored events.  It has been nearly a year now that I have been fighting to right this wrong.  All of you have been very instrumental in getting the Chambers attention.  We could not have made the progress we have made without all of your support.  I am confident things will go well but I am also wearily watchful for another dishonest move by the Chamber.  If that occurs I will be working to organize as large as possible a public protest at the next Crawdad Day Festival with as many southern patriots as can be mustered in the region carrying and displaying as many Confederate flags as possible.  I hope that will not be necessary.
The progress that has been made thus far has only been because of all the emails, phone calls, and letters of support form all of you to the Chamber of Commerce.  Thank you!  I ask that you forward my gratitude to all those you have contacted and sent emails to, to support our efforts.  I know there has been many people not on my email address list who have helped out in this matter because of you all sending out the message.  Please insure they are kept informed.  After the meeting tomorrow I will send out an update.
I look forward to hopefully giving you all good news.
I am your servant for truth and for our common cause.
Jason Rice

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