Harrison Arkansas update of CSA Flag Ban–Good News!!!

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The Harrison Arkansas Chamber of Commerce has completely reversed their position to ban the public display and sale of the Confederate flag and reversed their decision to ban Dixie Outfitters from future chamber sponsored events, specifically the annual Crawdad Day Festival held in May.
In attendance for the meeting today were several SCV representatives, myself, and selected board members of the Chamber of Commerce to resolve this issue.  I was very pleased with the board’s attitude toward us.  We were well received and treated very well.  A major help in this battle is the fact that many of those in the Chamber of Commerce that held a hostile view to our southern heritage are no longer board members or have moved out of town.
In short the problem has been resolved.  Our flags will fly with honor in Harrison once again and Dixie Outfitters will be welcomed as a valued business.  An added benefit is that the local SCV chapter will now have more visibility and a higher standing in the city of Harrison.
I thank all of you who contacted the Chamber of Commerce and voiced your support for our cause.  Without the support of the thousands of emails, calls, and a threat of a boycott I do not believe we would have had the success we have had.  So once again I extend my most sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of you.  I also extend a special thanks to the Harrison Son’s of Confederate Veterans.
Your servant,
Jason Rice

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