Real Racism in America

by J. A. Davis

Have you noticed a deluge of confirmed racist activities since the election?

Let me just remind you of three that come to mind within just the last several days.

The silliest one comes from an NAACP organization that wants the Azalea ladies from Mobile removed from the Inaugural Parade.

Never mind this group of ladies in hoop skirts of various colors has been performing in national functions for years or that their cast includes ladies of just about all ethnicities, including eight black ladies who take great pride in the wide acceptance they have received.

Then you get the news that a legislator from Georgia thinks Georgia should apologize for slavery. Similar efforts failed in the past..Those previously involved won’t deny they just might be a preparatory step to their real issue, Reparations.

People who know a little of the efforts of media to slant the news have not failed to notice how the media plays up the fact that six states have passed resolutions apologizing for slavery; it seems to me more representative of the facts to mention the 44 states that have refused to apologize for slavery. Granted, there were only 34 states when slavery was abolished — but the point remains valid.

Following that point, could it be those states and the people they represent feel they have nothing to apologize for as 21st century Americans? Or maybe they see the real intent to get a confession of judgment against their state for reparations?

Next is probably the most egregious of the hate aspect of racism. Racism and intolerance by whomever is bad enough, but to me, it is especially dangerous when done with hateful and harmful malice aforethought. Not a higher crime mind you, but indicative of an intention to impugn the integrity of fellow citizens and deprive them of their rights under the law. Worse, it is deceitful in that it attempts to assassinate the character of some in America’s history when the hate-mongers and agitators at the NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center, or the Anti Defamation League have led them to believe a pack of lies about our history.

This week, the Selma, Alabama city council voted six to three to remove the name of president Jefferson Davis from a main thoroughfare and replace his name with that of a recently departed local civil rights leader.

I have no objection if the majority of the folks in Selma want to honor someone by naming a street after them. Where the rub comes is when six black members out-vote three white members to engage in the ethnic cleansing jihad that has become so popular as a racist tactic.

As has been pointed out in the local press in Selma, there are many streets not named after well known and respected personages that could have been designated, probably without a lot of dissent. No, that wouldn’t do. The six racists who want to divide rather than unify, wanted to stick a finger in the eye of all who believe in honoring all Americans which includes maintaining the memorials that have been part of the landscape for years.

Such an easy solution would never please people who have a mission of hate in their hearts.

Who gets the biggest poke in the eye from these intolerant racists? The man whose family includes blacks, some ancestors who practiced slavery and traded slaves, by his own admission. This man is Barack Obama who has just proposed as part of his bail out version a plan to spend billions on restoring community historical monuments and memorials, including streets and highways.

This seems to be popular with many of the estimated 40% whites who voted for him pretty much bringing an end to the white guilt that the infamous Selma Six seem to want to perpetuate.

Even more damaging is the poll conducted by the Selma newspaper that shows 92% of the populace want to retain the Jefferson Davis street. Knowing the Selma population, this means a great number of blacks feel it is time to get over this silly hatred and get on with progress for all the citizens, regardless of color.

It is really a shame that the good people of Selma, white or black, or other, have to suffer the disrepute that six bigots have brought upon them.

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