Save Dudley Farm – Letter to Gov. Crist


Here is a letter I sent to Governor Crist concerning the Dudley Farm
Gail J.
Honorable Sir:
I ask you to consider keeping Dudley Farm- Living History State Park open for the following reasons:
 1) Our school children need "outside the class room experiences" to broaden their education.  Being able to see how far our society has advanced in over 100 years is a valuable lesson.
 2) Living history museums/parks are an excellent way for children as well as adult to see and experience first hand Florida’s early history.
 3) Consider:
    a- asking for local volunteers to assist with the park by forming a Citizen Support Organization;
    b- increasing the park’s admission fee to both the public and the school system;
    c- utilizing high school seniors who must perform community service in order to graduate;
Sir, I earnestly ask you to reconsider the validity of this living history park and its contributions to the general public.

Gail R. Jessee, Vice President
Gamble Plantation Preservation Alliance,
CSO for Gamble Plantation State Historic Park
Ellenton, Florida

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