Being from Florida, I sent this to Gov. Crist after I read the e-mail.


Gov. Crist,
As one of your soldiers fighting overseas, I am amazed that your people would consider closing down Dudley Farm near Gainesville.  I know the money constraints are tight all over, but do you not think that more money could be saved by trimming the salaries of government officials?  I know that a majority of lawmakers, if not all of them, have other sources of income.  So why not cut those salaries to help out the financial situation?  I have done a little research and have discovered that if congress and the legislatures of each state would cut their salaries back to, let’s say $50,000/year, there would be money to help out the poor, and places like Dudley Farm.  So how about it?  Is this something that our government can live with, or are all of you just going to let our national treasures die?
Billy Tison

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