The SCV is back in the race game

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Sons of Confederate Veterans will be gracing the track at the Daytona International Speedway at 4 pm EST on Saturday, February 7th, 2009. The SCV is proud to be working with veteran owner/driver James Hylton from Inman, South Carolina.

The SCV car will be racing in the ARCA RE/MAX series, 46th Annual Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 in Daytona. The race will be 200 miles (80 laps) and can be viewed in Hi-Definition on the Speed channel, coverage beginning at 4pm EST.

James Hylton spent his early years in Roanoke Virginia, and his life centered primarily around farming but he soon found himself, like many other southern teenagers, immersed in the world of stock car auto racing. Hylton’s career in auto racing began in the late fifties when he began working as a mechanic for the legendary Rex White. James, Rex and Louis Clements teamed to win 26 races and most importantly the 1960 NASCAR Grand National championship. In 1964, White scaled back his driving duties and James began his tenure as crew chief for the Ned Jarrett / Bondy Long team. During the 1964 season the team won 14 races and finished second in points. In 1965, the team won 12 races and won the NASCAR Grand National championship.

On July 8, 1964, Hylton made his first Grand National start at the Old Dominion 400 at Manassas, Virginia. James finished 19 and collected $100 for his efforts. Things improved dramatically in 1966, as Hylton finished second in the points chase and won the coveted NASCAR Rookie of the Year award. James also captured his first pole at Starlite Speedway in Monroe, NC. Hylton again finished second in points during the 1967 season. James was a model of consistency during this two year period as he had 46 top five finishes in 87 races.

In 1968, James became a car owner / driver, a dual role that continues to this day. James found his way to victory lane for the first time on March 1, 1970 at the Richmond 500, driving the familiar number 48 Ford.

On August 6, 1972, James forever etched his name in the history books by claiming the Talladega 500. Hylton led 106 laps of the 188 lap race and won $ 24,865 for the day. Hylton won by one car length.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is proud to sponsor this car and this driver with such a rich heritage in this traditional Southern sport.

Michael Givens
Lt. CiC

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