Idolization of Lincoln in Louisiana


I appreciate that David Madden thinks so highly of old Abe and the fact that Louisiana is joining in on the Abe Bicentennial, but the shmooze coming out of the "O Captain!" article needs to be tempered with a few facts about the idol Lincoln. He felt that new territories should be made for the homes of white people (1854); He had "no purpose to introduce political or social equality between the white and black races" and that the race to which he belonged had the "superior position." (1858); In 23 years of practicing law, Abe never defended a single runaway slave, but did defend a slave owner. Abe favored colonization of slaves in 1862, in the middle of the War Between the States and, contrary to what most people believe, the Emancipation Proclamation freed only slaves that were residing in areas not under Union control during the War. Lincoln rebuffed efforts by Confederate President Jefferson Davis to avoid war and even refused offers by Napoleon III to mediate before hostilities broke out. Abe suppressed free elections in Maryland in 1861, ordering anyone voting the "peace ticket" arrested. He even had a US congressman from Ohio arrested and deported to the South because the man made a speech denouncing Lincoln’s unconstitutional usurpation of powers. Much more could be said, but I will leave it at that. It is one thing to remember past presidents, it is quite another to make them seem god-like. I recommend The Real Lincoln by Thomas DiLorenzo.
Charles Lauret

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