Confederates?? and the Fed flag!



It makes me sick to see photos of Sons of Confederate Veterans displaying the US empire flag and treating it with honor. Do they not realize that, minus a few stars, this is the flag that flew over murder, rape, pillage, and the burning of their great-great-grandparents’ homes and over other terrorism and barbarism? THIS is the main reason why I wouldn’t want to be a member. I’ve heard that not all SCV groups pledge allegiance to the empire’s flag, which is good, but some do, apparently. Maybe they’re descendants of Confederate veterans, but they don’t seem to be true Confederates. Maybe that’s part of why the South’s culture and true history is being destroyed – too many Southerners embrace Yankee-ism. Again, some don’t, of course, but a lot do, it would seem. Those in the South who are oh-so-proud of that Battle Flag, but also display a Federal flag need to ask themselves, "Am I a Confederate or am I a Yankee wanna-be?" The South will rise again? Not with that kind of mentality. Or are they happy to be subjects of the United Socialist States of America?

Guess I just needed to vent.

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