An appeal to President Obama to fight Neo-Confederacy

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Now we’re in trouble. Ed Sebesta is enlisting President Obama in his crusade against us:

I plan to write Obama about the issue of neo-Confederacy. I have been thinking about writing each issue individually, but I am now leaning to just writing one long letter and address all the issues about the Presidency and neo-Confederacy.

I know the president is busy with the issue of the economy. However, much of what my letter will concern itself with is things that Obama shouldn’t do to support or pander to the Confederacy. That is they are actions that he should and could drop and lighten his load. I think actually much of the matters in my letter can be dealt with by minor administrators.

So the plan is to let "minor administrators" be in charge of not doing things Obama shouldn’t do. Makes sense — if you obsess on it long enough.

What Sebesta does not know is that the Rebellion Blog Underground has an operative working undercover in the Crawfish Communications Center mailroom. That operative sent me a copy of Sebesta’s secret letter to President Obama. Here is the text:

Dear President Obama,

Mr. President, this is Ed Sebesta. Yes, the Ed Sebesta. As you have no doubt already been advised, probably by your advisors, which is their job, I played a major role in the editing of Neo-Confederacy: A Critical Introduction. I say that it was major not out of pride, or blatant self-promotion, but because my co-editors, Heidi Beirich and Euan Hague, often commented (when they thought I wasn’t listening) that most of their time spent editing that manuscript was spent on my contributions. In addition, as my curriculum vitae will show, I am so well-known in the perilous field of Neo-Confederacy research that I, Ed Sebesta, have been cited by fellow researchers as an "anonymous contributor," and by the "nom-de-plume" of "Crawfish," which protects my true identity of Ed Sebesta.

I ask that you take your mind off trivial national matters such as al-Qaeda, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and an economy spiralling down the toilet, and focus instead on the real threat to our country posed by the Daughters of the Confederacy. For they are Neo-Confederates. And that makes them a threat to our Democracy. That also makes them a threat to your personal goal of treating all races the same, that is, of no longer demonizing any race. You can read my scholarly thoughts on the challenge to treat all races fairly in my treatise entitled, "Breaking the White Nation."

But enough about me. Here is what you need to do now. As you are well aware, I am the one who first detected the Neo-Confederate designs in the logo of "fashion designer" Tommy Hilfiger. The evidence is rather self-explanatory:

That’s clearly the Confederate First National flag — same colors, same shape, and even the same font for the Confederate motto, "Tommy Hilfiger." No doubt in my mind. But then, there rarely is doubt, or anything, in my mind when it comes to thinking constantly about the secret threat of Neo-Confederacy.

So what I am asking you to do is to change the seal of the Treasury Department, which is yet another of the Neo-Confederates’ subliminal propaganda logos. I ask you, Mr. President, to behold the Treasury Department seal:

As you can see (at least, I can) that is the hated, ubiquitous Confederate Battleflag — that is, the bottom half of it. If you put the Treasury Seal next to your bathroom mirror, you have the Confederate Battleflag in your own bathroom, a place where you should feel safe from Neo-Confederacy, but you aren’t, not now, not any more! I think you know what I mean. Do you?

I am awaiting your response. Doing nothing is not an option. Surely, you do not want to be seen as an enabler of Neo-Confederacy, as I revealed Bill Clinton to be. I am watching.

And we in the Southern Movement will be watching to see what President Obama does in response. Won’t we?

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