David Broder – Pompous, Elitist, Anti-Southern Bigot

By: Red Phillips

Speaking about the declining fortunes of the GOP and the so-called "Southern strategy" (us Southerners could only wish), Washington Post columnist David Broder let loose with this nasty little smear: 

[The election of Michael Steele] "was the clearest possible signal that the GOP realizes it must escape the shackles of its ideologically binding Southern strategy and compete in a more diverse, pragmatic and intellectually challenging environment."

Did you catch that? "Intellectually challenging?" What, pray tell, did Mr. Broder mean by that little gem? Perhaps he would like to elaborate.

Can you imagine the outcry if that had been said about some group other than Southern white Christians? Especially if it was said by a Southern white Christian instead of an urban liberal. The cultural Marxist thought police at the Southern Poverty Law Center would be on him like a coon dog on a biscuit. 

But urban liberals like Broder get a pass. They are allowed and expected to look down their noses at us little people. It is what they do. In fact, it is the sine qua non of urban liberalism. (Whoa. Look at the intellectually challenged Southern white Christian with his big fancy words.) They know better than us yokels and hence should get to run everything, all the while wagging their finger at us for our ignorant and parochial ways.

Now Mr. Broder and some of his fans might protest that he is actually a centrist, but of course today’s centrism is yesterday’s liberalism and yesteryear’s socialism. And Beltway centrism is plain ol’ liberalism to us folks who reside out here in flyover country.

Broder is obviously a pompous, elitist, anti-Southern bigot, but generally folks like him try to hide it. The better to keep the rabblement from getting restless. Perhaps in an unguarded moment he just let that slip. It reflects his true feelings of course, but seldom are liberals like Broder that ham-handed with their condescension.

Again, had a Southern white Christian let slip with some similar remark against an approved victims group, he would be expected to make a groveling apology complete with self flagellation and sackcloth and ashes. We’ll be lucky to get a retraction and a mild apology from Broder. And I’m not holding my breath for that.

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