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Monday, February 16, 2009


As our Constitution continues to be ignored, side-stepped, and generally trashed I believe it is time to re-evaluate what it means to be a citizen in these "days and times." The basis of this government is the notion of "consent of the governed." What has happened to us in the last 145 years? In the mid 19th century everyone knew what the government was supposed to do and what it could not do under the Constitution. If you asked someone where they were from they would invariably answer with the name of their state – the state was their country. I am a Kentuckian. This was because everyone knew that all government was LOCAL GOVERNMENT. When the notion that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT was the final arbiter of what happens locally took hold and the people forgot what kind of government they were supposed to be living under was lost – so was the basis of the government. It has been transformed into a Socialist State. Where the federal government determines where you can spend your money, how you can run your farm or business, who you can hire or fire, who you must associate with, go to school with, what is to be done with the inheritance that your fathers and mothers worked a lifetime to store up for you, where they will send your sons and daughters to – to die in conflicts in which there was no declaration of war (just has been done to us in every conflict since WWII), and at what rate (when taken all together it is currently 35 – 45% of your income is paid in taxes in one form or another) you will pay homage to the Godless masters in Washington D.C. I have lost faith in the government. It has lied and stolen far too much from me and you to ignore any more. I love my country – Kentucky. But, I will no longer fly the flag of the federal government. I will instead fly the flag of resistance, of states rights, and yes of rebellion – the last flag of the Confederacy – the third national flag. The last flag of a people who knew what the government had the right to do – not in any support of slavery (which they knew was dying) but as a sign that not everyone has been taken in by the media and the powerful rich that would rule over us and keep all of us – all races – in bondage. Join me in this silent protest and help educate those around you to the danger that we currently find ourselves.

"Denny" Lee Lacy
CSA Citizen KY1-Cn01
Commander, Southern Confederate Front, Kentucky Division, Confederate Society of America.
Deo Vindice Resurgam
Sons of Confederate Veterans

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