September 10, 2020


Dear Miss Lunelle,

On the day of September 9, 2020, I would join a group of citizens on a disorganized “Zoom Meeting” in presenting our case to the Madison, Florida city commission, in hopes that we could convince them to reverse their decision to take down the Confederate Soldiers Cenotaph. Not one citizen who spoke, to include myself, would voice affirmation for its removal!

As an activist trying very hard to accurately depict our honorable Southern culture and heritage, I am so very proud of the mural on the post office wall in Madison, because its depiction puts to rest the lies put forward by those who hate the South and depict with their false narratives of a day in the life of a slave in the cotton industry as one of pure hell.

This mural shows a well-dressed African woman in a field of cotton, and goes on to show two well-dressed African men on what appears to be an assembly line packing cotton, and a well-dressed white man handling the tally with pen and paper. And I must note that he gave no attention to the men. It was apparent that they were a trained cadre, and needed no supervision on how to do their labor.

May God bless the citizens of Madison, and my prayer for them is that this commission chooses not to betray the Public Trust and act accordingly to leave this War Memorial standing, and accept this mural as a front line of defense for those of us who fight the lines against our people.

Afterwards, I would sit pondering the outrages in Florida, especially the yankee President at the University of Florida that holds the charge of maintaining Loring Memorial Park in St. Augustine had already colluded with the apparently financially defunct Loring family to justify the desecration and removal of his remains and monumental headstone from the Park in a National Register Historic Preservation District.

I would also ponder the futility of the lawsuits put forward by Attorney McCallister against the City of St. Augustine and Pensacola, Florida, in an attempt to stop the removal of the Confederate soldiers Cenotaphs from their respective Public Parks and National Register Historic Preservation Districts.

Attorney McCallister so masterfully flushed from the presiding judges of each case in their rulings what we have demised for a very long time, i.e “anyone, or anything, that pertains to a point of origin in the Southern Confederacy. “Standing” has become the weapon of choice so masterfully applied to be used to keep Southerners out of court by giving the judge who presides so much latitude that it would take an act of God, or an honorable Judge, as was the case in Lee County, to secure “Standing.”

(2) Public Trust Law – the City of St. Augustine and Pensacola clearly betrayed the Public Trust and refused to adhere to the will of the people. Thank you, Attorney McCallister because, we now know, as St. Augustine and Pensacola did, that we would have a better chance in Communist China utilizing Public Trust Law in the State of Florida in these regards, thanks to Federal Judges Rogers in Pensacola and Davis in Jacksonville.

God bless you!

Your brother,


Chairman, Board of Advisors Emeritus, Southern Legal Resource Center
Member, Save Southern Heritage Florida
Member, Historic March Across Dixie 20 Mile Club
Loyal Son of Former Southern Slaves
Honorary Scot of Austin
Kentucky Colonel
President, Southern Heritage 411